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The Physical and Intellectual Isolation of the Americans - Research Paper Example

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The reporter states that technology is a branch of knowledge in which modifications, advancements, an organization of data and information, different techniques and methods are used and applied to solve problems, make advancements in pre-existing solutions, bring new ideas and perform new functions…
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The Physical and Intellectual Isolation of the Americans
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Extract of sample "The Physical and Intellectual Isolation of the Americans"

Download file to see previous pages Communication has not only helped to raise the revenue of the Americans but also helped to reduce the communication gap, communication also improved between the rural and urban areas and this helped quite a lot in improving the economic conditions of the state and also in minimizing and eliminating the isolation of the people of America. With the introduction of the electricity in the rural areas by the Rural Electrification Act given by President Franklin technology greatly advanced as a result of which isolation and communication gap between the rural and urban areas reduced and have finally reduced to zero. With the introduction of electricity in the rural areas the people of these areas got access to television, computer, internet, industry and other sectors and due to this, research and advancements in the other fields greatly improved. The introductions of electricity brought advancements in many fields and also lead to the development and invention of many other appliances and devices. It has also contributed to bringing an end to the isolation of the American people by using electronic consumer goods (Oppenheimer, 2003).
Slowly and gradually the Americans became addicted to technology as they observed that it was technology that helped them to come out of the dark ages and also to eliminate and completely eradicate isolation from the people of America. The most important benefit of technology is in the field of communication. Technology has also helped to aid the military operations and helped to win wars. The introduction of computers and internet helped to improve communication and fill up the communication gap between the people of America and the world. In this century technology has completely bridged the gap between the people and social isolation. Means of communication have increased to a quite a numbers like e-mail, chatting, communication through the internet, telephone, etc.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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