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Construction Management - Coursework Example

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Due to the proliferation of technology and the means by which processes are continually being updated and the means of global integration are affecting new paradigms, seeking to understand and define…
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Construction Management
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"Construction Management"

Download file to see previous pages ce management theory, move on to discuss the changing patterns of human resource management within the construction industry, and focus definitively upon a specific dimension of the human resource management process; taking special time and consideration in terms of providing a discussion on the merits and limitations of the dimension in question. Through such an examination and discussion, it is the hope of this particular student that the reader will gain a more warmed understanding with respect to the subject matter and further grasp upon the realm of human resource management as it relates to the construction industry.
Likewise, before delving directly into a discussion of unique changes in terms of the construction industry as it relates to human resource management, this particular section will tell into some of the overarching human resource management theories that have been promoted and employed throughout organizations around the globe - over the past several decades (Roberts, 2013). The first of these is with respect to what is known as the vertical integration approach. Within this particular paradigm of human resource management, individual stakeholders within leadership and management are of the understanding that unique metrics and guidelines for the way in which employees and the employer should relate with one another are best relayed from the top down. Within this clearly structured approach, other management utilizes and leverages middle management and subsequent supervisors as a means of relating their overall goals and expectations to stakeholders within the very bottom layers of the organizational structure (Fong et al., 2011). Whereas this particular approach can be useful in terms of defining a company culture in a rapid manner, the ultimate level to which it can “stick” is oftentimes somewhat limited. Furthermore, as will be discussed at further death laser within the analysis, this particular approach does not necessarily lend itself ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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