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Tiny houses - Essay Example

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It may be due to the bust of the housing market and the Great Recession that followed, as well as an ethos about living lighter in the face of environmental degradation. There is also…
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Tiny houses
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Extract of sample "Tiny houses"

Tiny Houses The Growing Interest in Tiny Houses The growing interest in tiny houses defines our motivations for how we live inphysical spaces. It may be due to the bust of the housing market and the Great Recession that followed, as well as an ethos about living lighter in the face of environmental degradation. There is also a feeling of independence and self-sufficiency linked to this housing typology. An important motivation for one of the couples or people in the film, TINY, a documentary about Living Small, for living in a tiny house; represented sustainability. The movie follows a one man’s epic journey of the tiny living (Mueller and Smith).
The film centers around Christopher Smith, who decided to build his house in the spring of the year 2011. At the onset of the movie, Smith describes that his motivation for building the house was because he did not have a ton of money to use in bigger constructions, therefore, considered a financial independence. He points that similarly, the people who built their small houses had the same motivation. For instance, interviews with the tiny house personalities like Jay Shafer, Tammy Stroebel, Deek Diedricksen and other healthy people who chose to live in as tiny as 84 sq ft dwellings (Mueller and Smith).
Despite the aesthetic and the value design of the living small houses, the primary motivation that the luminaries gave was on financial independence. As Shafer notes of the tiny life, “the principal asset is freedom.” Therefore, with a lower overhead, lack of room for extraneous purchases, makes the tiny house life inexpensive that the residents allowed and left to live the way they prefer (Zeiger and Ngo 105).
Motivation behind a way of Living
The prime motivation of people to live in the communes, squats, tent cities, Eco-villages and the sustainable housing is derived from the desire reap the physiological benefit. In accord, a desire to reduce one’s physical footprint on the natural environment. The physiological benefit realized lies on one’s peace of mind and a feeling of contentment. A sense of self-satisfaction in the movie is whereby each household involves itself in the act of small house construction. One, therefore, feel contented in doing something constructive that ends up creatively designed and has a twin benefit to the society. More intricate, from the point that a woman can do a task and be as significant as their male counterparts in constructions, is something of significance. For instance, in the film, we see the buildout of Smith assisted by his girlfriend, Merete Mueller. Therefore unfolding the gender restrictions tied on the relevance of the roles that women could perform (Mueller and Smith).
The peace of mind associated with these residents helps in the downsizing of one’s life. In the film, Smith constructs a movable house and in the end, creates not only a place to place to live but also a place to reside in the universe. The world for him filled with options that laying of roots in a single location for him can be extremely elusive. Therefore, most people in the film seek a place to call home. An area free of troubles and pressures of life and an environment with a twin benefit to the ecosystem and for the human development. The same reason justifies the environment, the aspirations, and the ordeals of the four people in the Portland, Oregon, who built the tiny houses (Mitchell 72).
The Process of Making
The process of making centers on the effort put by Smith in building a tiny house. Smith, having no building experience, expected his house to have ended in two to three months. Assisted by his girlfriend, the process turned out to be more challenging than he anticipated. He had issues with the weather, money troubles, and generally, construction issues. Therefore, the protagonists in the film made things from scratch and by themselves (Zeiger 43).
The characters in the movie used the available materials that were environment-friendly, conserving on the ecosystem. The protagonists had a ground in social reconstruction like the life of the young couple Nikki and Mitchell, who had no experience in building. The back-stories in the film among different characters that the film skillfully weaves into its overall narrative cover the themes of loss, conflict, family ties, and family healing. The making process, whereby people come together is significant in the society as it brings people together on the same ground to share their issues. Therefore, working together is a unifying factor (Williams 88).
Yes, I could build a tiny house in such an environment. Such house is relatively straightforward and gives room for self-awareness and empowerment. Similarly, doing something constructive gives a feeling of self-satisfaction. Ultimately, a tiny house is rather easy to maintain as has fewer expenses associated (Mueller and Smith).
Over the previous six weeks, something that have grabbed my attention is by the very reason in which some people end up as squatters. More specifically, the idea that some people choose squat life as it is where one has the liberty to do whatsoever one wants and receives self-gratification in the process. Therefore, squat life is whereby one has real friends and enthusiastically associates with each other (Padraic and Alterman 67).
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