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The aim of this paper is to examine the main use cases of airline tickets reservation. The paper will explore the success factors American Airlines experienced in the development of its Airline Ticketing and Reservation System using Sauer’s model as a basis for the analysis…
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Automation of Airline Reservation System
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Download file to see previous pages Manual process - 1 is to have a central location control the information with regards to the availability of seats. The process begins with the ticketing office will have to place a telephone call to the central control office to verify the availability of seats of a particular flight. The challenges faced by this system are—first, a sustained operation over a period of time may cause employees to become complacent that could result in errors. Second, the cost of long distance calls will run up to an unmanageable level. Third, the process takes so much time that the turn-around time to confirm a reservation or book a flight will be very long that will test the patience of potential clients.
Manual process -2 each ticketing office will have an assigned finite number of seats to particular flights that they can dispose of. The challenges under this system are: First, under booking, as there is no way that one ticketing office would have filled-out the seats assigned to it. Second, the inflexibility of the system will result in losses in situations where a certain jurisdiction experiences a slump in its sales. Third, there is no way of knowing if a passenger will disembark in one location, ergo there is no way to determine how many seats will still be available after the first disembarkation occurs.
The automation of the reservation and ticketing system in the airline industry is the best example of how to make use of the latest technology available to man. An online automated reservation and ticketing system will make information about seat availability accessible to all ticketing outlets. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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