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Role Of Icts For Improving Efficiency And Relevance Of Airlines Services For Tourists - Essay Example

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The direction and disposition of global business environment has been change in existing period of time. There are a number of different changes that have become some integral aspects of the business organisation. …
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Role Of Icts For Improving Efficiency And Relevance Of Airlines Services For Tourists
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Download file to see previous pages In this direction it has become quite crucial for the organisation to undertake some crucial, new and innovative strategic and tactic moves. In this direction adoption of new and competent Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) has become an important and effective way for the business organisations to enhance their overall capabilities in existing challenging business environment (Konig and Strauss 2000). The importance of ICTs can be sighted in different industries across the world. In this context, international airline industry has also been adopted ICTs quite significantly. The proliferation of Internet as an important channel of communication between business organisation and customers has provided some important and effective measures related with ICTs to international Airlines for enhancing quality of services provided to passengers (Sarmento 2011).
In direction to this, the paper aims to ICTs relaed trends prevailing within the International Airlines Industry. The paper also elaborates different new technologies and trends related with information and communication technologies (ICT) that are quite prominently followed within airlines industry. The impact and role ICT related practices and trends in advancing customer expectations is also an important point of discussion made in the paper. On the basis of entire findings, the paper also presents some crucial recommendations for airlines industry for using ICT in the more tactical and strategic way so that efficiency and productivity of the industry can be enhanced. ICTs acceptance within airlines industry Like other business industries, the growth of internet and technological advancement of business environment has also affected trends and practices followed in airlines industry. In order to enhance efficiency of services provided to passengers and providing some intensive and value added experience to them, airlines companies has adopted ICT as one of the most effective tools. The history of ICT acceptance by different Airlines is quite old. Since 1970s, Airlines companies have been using different variants of ICT for facilitating its customers. The availability of telephone availability within this decade has changed the trend of enquiring about availability, reservation and confirmation (Sarmento 2011). In regard to this, first of all American Airlines introduced SABRE Computer Reservation System (CRS) in the year 1962, for the purpose of providing fast and effective facilities regarding reservations and bookings. Afterwards, the system was started to be used for inventory control function within the organisation. This system allowed the company to schedule its crew effectively, track spare parts requirements, and have effective decision support systems for management (Knowles and Garland 1994). The revolution regarding ICTs in Airline industry can be spotted from mid 1990s. The development of internet and intranet facilities within the market place has allowed the airline industry to have some effective strategies on technological innovations in their ICTs infrastructure. In this regard, British Airways has spent ?1.1 billion on its ICT infrastructure for the purpose of making its distribution channels more effective and responsive. Increasing competitive pressure has imposed business organisations to have enhanced the level of interaction with customers so that their trust and loyalty can be won (Noakes and Coulter 2002). In this concern, effective communication and information technologies used by the company has been considered as effective gateways. In addition to this, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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