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The dependence of the tourism industry upon the environment’s natural and cultural resources indicates that its development encourages alteration which can be either constructive or damaging. At present there is a developing interest in the environmental impact of the tourism…
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One of each
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Download file to see previous pages By the latter part of the 1960s, as the impacts of the economic development pursuit upon the environment turned out to be more obvious, environmental concerns began to receive more attention and gain more importance. The Torrey Canyon accident, a major oil-tanker that broke up resulting in to the discharge of oil onto England’s south-west coast, raised severe public concern and underscored the fact that elevated consumer consumption was vulnerable to environmental threats. The growing industrialisation of agriculture in the United States was also seriously criticised for the environmental harm attributable to the application of agro-chemicals on farmland. Scholarly criticisms eventually had a key influence on public awareness and later on policy making, with the restriction or prohibition of use being placed on agro-chemicals classified as being the most hazardous (Holden 2003).
Nevertheless, the tourism industry remained basically invulnerable from environmental criticism, the tourism’s reputation being chiefly an environmental friendly affair, or what some referred to as the ‘smokeless industry’. This image was boosted by the descriptions of tourism, encompassing values of beauty and purity, as depicted in sceneries of lush mountain areas and glamorous beaches enclosed in sunshine. Still, there were disagreeing remarks about tourism’s ‘smokelessness.’ There are academics who argue that in 1961 there was interest being shown over the potential ecological imbalance that may lead to tourism growth in the island of Tahiti in the Pacific (Holden 2003, 67). The examination of the impacts of growing population of people going down upon scenic regions in the 1960s provoked Mishan (1969, 141) to comment:
Once serene and lovely towns such as Andorra and Biarritz are smothered with new hotels and the dust and roar of motorised traffic. The isles of Greece have become a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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One of Each Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words.
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