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This paper "Characteristics of an Effective Version of a Website" focuses on the fact that the heading of the website must not be an elusive feature; considering that a basic principle in website design is for information to be easily accessible, the heading must feature in a conspicuous position. …
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Characteristics of an Effective Version of a Website
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Download file to see previous pages The website, with many distributed icons all over the main page, exhibits a feature that is not too desirable. This is because it generally results in a cluster problem. The usefulness of all the icons will be diminished, on such a website. Icons may be valuable as a quick or short-cut indicator to navigate the website, but they are however not to be spread all over the web page, which may lead to confusion for the user, due to the inevitable clutter that results from the usage of too many icons.

With the main page that is divided into small boxes and information linked to other pages with greater information, this is a generally acceptable configuration, for the website. The use of such links is a valuable website concept, as it enables the user to navigate to the page or web location where detailed information may be found, concerning what they require. It is much better than having information scattered about piecemeal, on different web locations. It is also useful to have such a configuration on the website, because it enhances the speed of navigation, meaning that users can quickly find what they need. This is desirable as it affects the efficiency of the website. On this particular website, however, there are too many small boxes on one page. There is an undesirable effect of trying to put all the items on the same page even though links are used. It would be better to minimise all written words on this main page, and then have one or two lines capturing the essence of the message of each box, followed by application of the link to direct the user to the page containing all the details.

With no toolbars at the main page to sort or categorise information, this does not augur well for usability and efficiency of the website. Absence of toolbars on the main page severely hinders navigation of the site. This means that the user faces a website where information is lumped together. It is undesirable because so much effort has to be made by the user to sort the data or information, in order to find what is needed.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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