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CIS273 Week 1 123 - Assignment Example

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a) An effective HTML code is a functional coding language that displays web pages and also allows Web starts web pages to be built upon the very hypertext markup language. HTML code should be at the discretion of its designer. This is because today the language has handed over…
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CIS273 Week 1 123
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Download file to see previous pages a) Standardizing HTML ensures that web pages are accessible to all sorts of internet users including the visually impaired. While designing a website, developers need to acknowledge that there are web users with disabilities such as poor eyesight. Other issues to be identified are choice of language and conditions for use. The issues provide developer with the knowledge of user circumstances hence accounting for them.
b) Further stipulates that with combination of factors put forward by the W3C, the issues can be broadly divided into cultural, social and technological. Language and symbols considerations are for cultural issues, social differences are found in age, gender are even economics while technology is with computer related issues.
a) The selected website uses java script based on character set utf-8. The HTML DOCTYPE reveals that the version used in the site is 4.01. The comment tags used in the source code are of this type, “”. Furthermore, the marked header elements contain the main subject of the webpage which in this case is definition.
b) The website is also preferably designed for internet explorer. The fact that the used comment tag is and does not employ “---“ is proof enough that the comment syntax used is SGML.
a) With respect to the e-Activity comments are at the beginning of the selected source code. The comments basically talk about the language used in the website which in the selected case is English. The essence of the comment is that during editing of the source code the web designer will tell the exact place to make changes.
b) Adding a comment into a web page requires something like HTML Comment Box which offers one of the easiest ways to add a comment to a web page of a website. Furthermore Disqus Comment Box could also be used. Comments are necessary for code explanation, for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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CIS273 Week 1 123 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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