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It provides a easy way to access certain features of an application. Some common examples are popup that are opened when one clicks a hyperlink. The popup would have some information on the parent page or…
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JavaScript, Java and DHTML Web development and the use of JavaScript, Java and DHTML September 07, 2009 Web development and the use of JavaScript, Java and DHTML
JavaScript is a type of scripting language used in web page development. It provides a easy way to access certain features of an application. Some common examples are popup that are opened when one clicks a hyperlink. The popup would have some information on the parent page or may be displayed as a separate page or window. JavaScript is a client-side scripting language used for adding functionality and extra features to web pages. Though it has the same name as Java, the two are not related. JavaScript is not a core programming language but can be used by people with basic HTML language. Java and JavaScript use the same set of syntaxes that were used for C Syntax. JavaScript also has the same naming conventions and Java names (Flanagan, 2002).
Java was developed Java was developed by Sun Microsystems as a programming language. It forms the core component of the Java Platform and was developed using the syntax of C and C++. Java can be used for creating full scale very powerful applications and can be used to activate databases and other assets of the IT systems. the JVM - Java Virtual Machine on the client side to run. Java has its own class libraries, compilers and other assets that make the software language. Java was released as open source software though Sun holds the copyrights. Java has many classes such as Applets, Servlet, JavaServer Page, Swing Application and Class Libraries. Java is used to create and run applications on its own while JavaScript is designed to run in an HTML or a Java enabled page. Creating Java applications requires training and learning how to program as it is a core programming language (Sierra, 2005).
DHTML – Dynamic HTML is created by client side scripting and may be formed specific for a user as per specific variables. It is a combination of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. DHTML would change the appearance of a static HTML page content. It is used to create pop up menus and buttons, drop-down menus, rollover buttons and other such dynamic effects that are displayed when a mouse over is used. In eLearning packages, DHTML is used to display extra text that appears when a user clicks on a link and the text is again hidden when the link is clicked again. One need not be an expert programmer to know DHTML but a basic knowledge of HTML is sufficient (Goodman, 2002).
To sum up the differences and similarities, Java, JavaScript and DHTML are all part of the web development languages and scripts. Java is a core programming language that has its own class files, library and needs a compiler to run. Java programming requires a high level of training and learning and some amount of knowledge about software engineering. JavaScript and DHTML can be regarded as ‘very poor cousins’ of Java. They can be written with some very basic knowledge of coding and are used as action script commands to increase the functionality of an HTML page or even a Java page. They can be written by using a text pad or a note pad and a person with basic knowledge can directly write the scripts in the web page by using the View > Source command in a web page tool bar. These scripts only interact with the front end or GUI objects. Java would be interacting with all the objects of the IT system, runs databases and carry out other tasks. For running complicated web applications with eCommerce, Java is required. JavaScript and DHTML allow greater interactivity but they are not mandatory.

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