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SABB Internet Banking and Online Phishing - Coursework Example

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The paper "SABB Internet Banking and Online Phishing" highlights that phishing has dire consequences to online banking clients. Phishing ensures that the fraudster obtains personal information often used in a legitimate organization such as banks, online payment service, and online retailer…
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SABB Internet Banking and Online Phishing
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Extract of sample "SABB Internet Banking and Online Phishing"

Download file to see previous pages One of the phishing methods is called link manipulation. The method involves the use of some form of technical deception designed to make a link in an email. For each of these suspicious emails, individuals are often probed briefly for their reasons or any actions such as deciding to delete an email or advised to click on a link (Downs, Holbrook and Cranor, p81).
One great problem found in the use of URLs happens to be the manner in which international domain names (IDN) are being used in web browsers. This problem allows visually identical web addresses to lead to different, possibly malicious websites. There is wide publicity surrounding phishing to warn customers of internet banking that they could fall victims of such crimes (Legard, 2003). However, phishing criminals still take advantage of similar risk, they opt to use open URL on the websites of trusted organizations to disguise malicious URLs with a trusted domain. In most cases, even the digital certificates cannot solve this problem because there is a high possibility of the phishing criminal purchasing a valid certificate and subsequently change content to spoof a genuine website (Downs, Holbrook and Cranor, p 81).
Consequently, the phishing criminals have always used images instead of texts to make it harder for anti-phishing filters to detect text commonly used in phishing emails. Website forgery also forms part of the phishing methods. Visiting phishing websites makes an individual more prone to phishing deception. Phishing criminals have always use JavaScript commands so as to alter the address bar. They do this either by placing a picture of a legitimate URL over the address bar or by closing the original address bar after which they open a new one with the legitimate URL (Downs, Holbrook and Cranor, p. 81).
Further, the phishing attacker can use flaws in a trusted website’s own scripts against the victim. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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SABB Internet Banking and Online Phishing Coursework.
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