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ECommerce application for Computer Hardware Sale - Essay Example

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This section of the research paper aims to help shape the proposal in the identification of the research problem through earlier researches or academic papers of the same subject. The Literature Review, being an important process in shaping the proposal and an aspect of the research report, is an important component in its preparation…
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ECommerce application for Computer Hardware Sale
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Download file to see previous pages It likewise details what prior investigations have proven and how the current research relates or differs from past efforts. Unanticipated consequences may also be indicated by previous research, whose one's own investigation can investigate (Cooper, 1998, p. 3).
To understand where ASP fits into the big picture of Web development, it is necessary to understand the concept of a server-side scripting language. The regular, non-ASP Web pages works when the Web browser on the client computer (the computer belonging to the user) makes a request for a page, say file.html. Assuming the requested file exists on the Web host computer where the Web Server software can find it, that software replies to the request by sending the file back to the browser. Any additional files (images, for example) required to display the page are requested and received in the same way. The protocol used for this exchange, and indeed for all communication between Web browsers and Web servers is called Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) (Liberty, Jesse. Hurwitz, Dan, 2005). This literature is important in the research since the details are able to present a scenario of how ASP is used.
In addition to plain HTML code, small programs written in JavaScript can also be run by the web browser while the page is displayed in the browser. Therefore, the Web browser must understand not only how to read HTML and display text and images, but it must also be able to run JavaScript programs appearing inside Web pages. This arrangement, where the Web browser runs the script after receiving it from the Web server, is called client-side scripting (Edwards and Adams, 2006). The Web server is completely oblivious to whether the file it is sending contains a script or not; it is all up to the browser (the client) to handle execution of the script.
ASP fits into a different category of technologies, called server-side scripting, where it is no longer the browser running on the client that is responsible for running the script. Instead, it is the Web server that runs the script. In this case, however, the filename ends with .asp (file. asp, for example), branding it as a file containing an ASP script that needs to be processed by the server. The server recognizes this, and instead of directly sending the requested file back to the browser, it sends the file to the ASP scripting engine. The engine is a component of the Web server software that can interpret ASP scripts and output the results as HTML. Just as when the page contained client-side JavaScript and the server was completely unaware of this fact, when the page contains server-side ASP script, the browser does not know this at all. The ASP code contained in the page is interpreted and converted to plain HTML by the ASP engine before the browser gets to see it; so as far as the browser is concerned an ASP page looks just like any normal Web page. All the work is done on the server-side; thus the name, server-side scripting. (Murach and Boehm, 2006).
Jones (1999, p. 368) states that one must make a means to create a table that can accept the rows from many remote databases if a task is given to write the local order-entry application and an ASP.NET page to accept the orders through a secured connection. Changing the data from the laptops is not allowed in this process. Jones views this as a tough problem ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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