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Iphone Software design - Essay Example

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Initially, I would specify the purpose of the application, user stories that would become the basis of application design, high level functionalities of the…
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Iphone Software design
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Extract of sample "Iphone Software design"

Download file to see previous pages This application would facilitate the youngster using Smartphone to select and edit the jackets colours; and would also be able to interact with the designers and participate in the discussions’ forum through an easy to use interface of the application.
The potential users of the application are youth using Smartphone want a user friendly interface so that they can navigate through the application easily. The users of the application should be informed accordingly through the interface regarding what is going on in the application. The interface elements, contents, etc. of the application should be familiar to the users; consistent and appropriate standards should be applied to the interface, so that the users would recognise the elements rather than; they recall the elements. As the application will be running on top of the iOS and it is not as fast as the computer/laptops, therefore, the application should be simple with fewer graphics (Nielsen, 2005).
The essential features of the application include: the user will be capable of searching the designs of the jackets through an easy to use interface of the application. The users will be able to create profile, login the application securely, read and add comments on the jacket designs (only members). The user will have options of viewing and changing the size and colours of the jackets as well.
The desirable features of the application include: options of purchasing the jackets (secure transactions) through PayPal, credit card, etc., interaction with designers, enhancing the designing functionality to 3D view, the options of wearing the jackets on the original pictures of the users.
The start-up navigation of the application would be similar with Google’s website navigation with advance search options of colours, designers, size, etc. The horizontal bar navigation would be available at the top of the application after logging into the application, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Iphone Software Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Iphone Software Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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