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Improving Market Size and Profitability of iPhone - Case Study Example

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The case study "Improving Market Size and Profitability of iPhone" points out that Apple’s philosophy in marketing is very straightforward: Find an opportunity for the product, make it extremely easy to use, and serve it up with excellent design and packaging (Sinha, 2007)…
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Improving Market Size and Profitability of iPhone
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Extract of sample "Improving Market Size and Profitability of iPhone"

Download file to see previous pages Now, with the introduction of the iPhone, they changed the way people perceived smartphones – phones that exploit the benefits of what the Internet can offer with their easy to use web applications. The app stores for iPhone products have created a new market for software programmers, from office applications to modern-day games and video software.

In order for the iPhone to increase its market size and improve its profitability, this paper will focus on recommendations of marketing programs that the company would need. The paper is centered on the Lauterborn’s 4C’s of marketing instead of the traditional McCarthy’s 4P’s. The traditional marketing programs are concentrated on product, pricing, promotional and place strategies. With Lauterborn’s 4C’s, the marketing programs will be motivated by consumers, costs, convenience, and communication.
Forget product. Apple must focus on consumer wants and needs. In today’s highly connected world, a company cannot sell whatever they can make any more. A successful company can only sell what a customer specifically wants to buy. Apple just needs to lure each customer one by one and offer something in particular that each customer wants.
Mobile phones, nowadays, are seen as a fashion item rather than a functional device. Most of the current mobile phones in the market offer similar features and functionalities. Apple can improve its market share by making the iPhone available in a different range of colors and features. Each customer must have an option to customize the physical aesthetics of the phone in order to suit their character and mood. A customized mobile phone would give the customer a feeling of ownership and uniqueness. Several designs of the phone’s front and back covers should be made available in the market in order to lure them to customize their own iPhones.

Also, it is recommended that the company would create a suite of Internet-based services that delivers email, contacts, and calendars that can be linked and synchronized with other Internet webmail services. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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