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Career Progression and Social Networks - Assignment Example

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This assignment "Career Progression and Social Networks" aims to emphasize the role of social networks play in the career progression of young adults. It's widely known that the social networking sites have made firms and employees more approachable and products more widely available…
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Career Progression and Social Networks
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Extract of sample "Career Progression and Social Networks"

Download file to see previous pages For the last five years or so, online social networking has achieved immense momentum. Sites like Facebook, Myspace, Hyves, Twitter, and others have earned a large share of the world’s business by providing social networking. All social network sites have several typical features like each of them gives the user a homepage that links all the material that is available to them. A typical networking site contains a personal profile for the users to post their pictures and provide personal and professional details (Knoke, 2007). They also list their current activities and the users can also message each other. The users can add their friends and family to their network. They can select who they want on their network and can restrict others from viewing their activities.
The scope of these online networking sites today is not only limited to providing a mode for staying in touch with friends and family from the remotest areas in the world. It provides instant communication but it is now being used as a means of business too. While on one side it is observed that career progression has been dampened by people wasting time setting up statuses and commenting on fan pages it has also been improved by business-minded people who use this not only for fun but for meeting executives and deciding on global business ventures. Even President Obama used Twitter during the 2008 election campaign (Scott, 2000). These social networking sites enable people to stay in touch. They facilitate work and study groups. Even many universities have used these social networking ideas in their virtual learning sites by developing online student forums. These social networking sites have impacted career progression positively in many ways. The employers don’t have to search much, instead, all they need to do is go to the best university’s fan page and find out students that may bring brighter prospects to their firms. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Career Progression and Social Networks Assignment.
(Career Progression and Social Networks Assignment)
Career Progression and Social Networks Assignment.
“Career Progression and Social Networks Assignment”.
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