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Why I want to be a police after I graduate Lincoln College - Essay Example

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Of course my earliest opinion of police officers was formed by what was fed to me by the media and television shows. However, as I grew up and learned more about this group of dedicated public servants, I…
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Why I want to be a police after I graduate Lincoln College
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Extract of sample "Why I want to be a police after I graduate Lincoln College"

Download file to see previous pages helping the community that the officers belong to. Of course a person can also help their community by becoming a social worker or a scientist but I feel that the input made by these individuals is more evident on the bigger picture. Individuals and groups on a smaller scale have to be in direct government functionaries and the front line for maintaining law and order in a society has always been the civil police of the country.
This ability to have direct contact with people and having a broad level of authority to help those in need makes a police officer much more useful than a scientist since a scientist may never get to see the eventual effect of his/her invention or discovery in their lifetime. A police officer who stops a crime in progress or catches a criminal can immediately see the effect on society even if it is one person at a time.
Since police work and the police force are controlled by the government, most of the information regarding a career in the police comes from government sources and related websites. Perhaps the best source of information about working in the police comes from the U.S. Department of Labor (2006) which has extensive information about the earnings, nature of the work, working conditions, required training and job outlook for this profession. It would appear that the nature of police work is similar across the globe since consistent topics and information was found on London’s Metropolitan Police website (2002) regarding the work performed by the police and the outlook of the chosen career.
The research also shows that police work is not limited to the cities since state and federal police have their own jurisdictions and spheres of operations. The U.S. marshal’s website (2006) for example, lists the broad focus that marshals have had as the oldest law enforcement agency for protecting the law in America. Similarly, the U.S. Secret Service website (2002) and the U.S. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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