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Electronic Document Management System - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Electronic Document Management System" justifies the reasons for implementing Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), explores all necessary aspects of this rapidly developing technology, examines and investigates several existing solution approaches…
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Electronic Document Management System
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Extract of sample "Electronic Document Management System"

Download file to see previous pages Even today, managing documents stands out as one of the most time consuming and challenging task in many organizations as their workers spend as much as 60 percent of their time handling documents. However, recent technological advances and an increasing emphasis on the need for handling business documents properly has encouraged many businesses to look for solutions that can help them to efficiently manage their document based information as well as data with any combination of text, images, graphics, voice and video.
EDMS applies new technology to documents and document processing to increase the productivity and performance of an organization. It is comprised of a variety of technologies – groupware, workflow, CD and optical storage, computer output to laser disc, document input, electronic publishing and intranets, document management, record management, digital imaging, and search and retrieval.
This project will present an audience with the demonstration of an EDMS solution that would be deployed in the Finance department of a local bank to facilitate the staff in managing the departmental documents.
In today’s increasingly competitive market and strict regulatory environment, every organization regardless of its size or sector is concerned to increase its efficiency and streamline its business processes. For any organization, compliantly managing all types of documents and records – in the form of email, video, audio, electronic or paper – consumes a considerable amount of time and capital that could better be utilized for accomplishing mission-critical goals.
Therefore, more and more companies are striving to cut-down their time and expenses for managing business documents and records through adopting ‘paperless’ methodology – the process of converting all paper records into digital images that can be retrieved through the network of computers and workstations. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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