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The scope of this document control procedure covers all documents that are involved in ensuring that Paradise hotel complies with the Abu Dhabi Environment, Health and Safety Management System Regulatory Framework.
Safety data sheets are documents used to avail information…
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Assessment Event Document / Maintain an EHS information system
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17 February Assessment Event Document/Maintain an EHS Information System
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Document Control Procedure for Paradise Hotel
The purpose of the document control procedure for Paradise hotel is to ensure that documents can be located, periodically reviewed and availed to employees (Culley, 272).
The scope of this document control procedure covers all documents that are involved in ensuring that Paradise hotel complies with the Abu Dhabi Environment, Health and Safety Management System Regulatory Framework.
Safety data sheets are documents used to avail information about the characteristics of hazardous substances and their effects on health in the work area. They also provide information on how to manage them. Safety data sheet Register is a tool that is utilised to make sure employees are involved in management of the hazardous chemicals on exposure at the work area.
Issue of Documents shall be done through publishing all procedures in this EHS manual on the ADTA Website in the required and simple to read format. Availability of documents shall be made to every manager and employee who needs to utilise them on the web. Hard copies shall be availed on request by an employee. The security of documents will be done by conducting of nightly data backup of all information on computer file servers by ADTA.
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February 2014
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April 2014
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July 2014
Manager EHS
Further information inclusion regarding EHS representative
Culley. William. Environmental and Quality Systems Integration. CRC Press. 1998. Print. Read More
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