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3G System to Make the Life a Far Easier Walk - Essay Example

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In the essay “3G System to Make the Life a Far Easier Walk,” the author discusses telecommunications, which had been an integral part of human life ever since the origin of the human race. Before the invention of the sophisticated medium of transmitting news and information, people used the drum sounds…
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3G System to Make the Life a Far Easier Walk
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Download file to see previous pages The mechanism of the radio transmitter was that one end used to send some message to the other end and the radio used to convert them into signals while it got transferred to the other end where the radio would catch them and again convert them into decipherable words or codes, easy for people to understand. The Telegraph too served the same purpose and thus made the entire mechanism of transmitting information from one corner of the world to the other just a matter of a few seconds. But there still was some problem with communicating when people were not using the fixed line since all the modes invented before had strictly been fixed in nature. So, finally there took place the invention of mobile communication that could help people contact one another without requiring any of them to stay fixed in one place and restrict their movements. This was an innovation worth mentioning and the people were very thankful for it. Like all other innovations, this too came at a very high cost initially, but soon modifications were made and the people can today afford mobile services at almost negligible costs. But it is a fact that the people never are satisfied with what they have at present and still want more. So, this thirst for abundance forced them to want something more than what they already had. That is why the governments at this point of time are thinking about shifting their base from the current 2G system to that of 3G that would enable the mobile networks to extend their services at an international level as well. Previously, there used to be a lot of restrictions and regulations about it, but now the governments of many nations along with the ITU have mutually agreed that such impositions should be abolished and that there should be liberalization in this area as well. So the present generation is looking forward to the implementation of the 3G system that surely will make their life a far easier walk. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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