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Is There any Such Thing as Digital Divide in Contemporary Society - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Is There any Such Thing as Digital Divide in Contemporary Society" discusses that we need intervention from the global community to harmonize regional goals in the proviso of ICT services. Pressure needs to be mounted on the government to honor the multilateral accords…
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Is There any Such Thing as Digital Divide in Contemporary Society
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Extract of sample "Is There any Such Thing as Digital Divide in Contemporary Society"

Download file to see previous pages The expansion of internet use and the associated global digital has got the attention of policymakers, strategists, scholars, entrepreneurs, and journalists (Martin Ryder, 2005).
In the era of Globalization, the internet has revolutionized the way business is done and added a new phrase “A Flat World” (Friedman, 2005). However, with the advent of the internet, its use has not been restricted to commercial transactions alone and it has had a wider social and political impact as well.
This disparity in information access is attributed to a number of factors. The causes of this information divide are identified: First, the unequal distribution of ICT information infrastructure, secondly, the social aspect of it has to do with skills that are necessary to utilize the technological resources. The global digital divide is also being fueled by the development status of countries. The social divisions that dictate the access to information technology are the income inequalities, language barriers, residence and interest to be technological savvy. Countries with low-income inequalities and high per capita incomes have increased access to information technology like the North Asia Pacific, North America and Europe whereas regions like Africa and some parts of Asia continue to lag behind. Most of these developing and underdeveloped countries (Global South Countries) are bedevilled with a lot another social, economic and political problems which continue to bridge the gap between them and the developed nations. Therefore acquiring the necessary technological infrastructure has proved to be a challenge to these nations for the goal to meet their essential human requirements like food and health supersedes any other initiative.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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