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Choose an invention.describe and evaluate the effects it has had on a particular area of human life - Essay Example

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Still their do happen to be some scientific inventions that have touched multiple aspects of human life, and have in a way reinvented and redefined the varied facets of human social existence. There…
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Choose an invention.describe and evaluate the effects it has had on a particular area of human life
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Extract of sample "Choose an invention.describe and evaluate the effects it has had on a particular area of human life"

Download file to see previous pages Computers have indeed done much to better the way people happen to do things. In that respect, it is really heartening to acknowledge that healthcare is an aspect of human life that has been totally revolutionized by the advent of computers, and computers have actually totally transformed the modern healthcare.1
It is a fact that in the area of healthcare, health records of patients do play a very important role. In that context, computers have totally redefined the record keeping in the field of healthcare.2 Health records of patients are not only vital for management of maladies of individual patients, but they are also important to predict larger societal healthcare trends. Before the invention of computers the record keeping in healthcare happened to be manual. It was not only very tedious to register and maintain the records of thousands of patients, but it was also utterly difficult to retrieve the health records of individual patients when required. However, with the invention of computers, things have totally changed. Computers have digitalized the recording and filing of patient records, thereby making it much more efficient, practical and faster. Computer generated and stored patient records not only happen to be more lasting and reliable, but it is much easier to retrieve the records of specific patients. In fact with the computer assisted record keeping, it takes only a second to retrieve the health records of any patient. The computer assisted record keeping also assures that in the event of any man made or natural calamity, the health records of patients remain safe and secure at the offsite data storage locations.
The other way in which the computers have positively influenced healthcare is by empowering the patients and by extending the reach of healthcare. In the earlier times even the most basic healthcare information was not easily available. However, with the advent of computers in the area of healthcare, computers have become a readily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Choose an invention.Describe and Evaluate the Effects It Has Had on a Essay.
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