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The paper “Major Issues that IT Managers Face” analyzes new avenues of communication, establishing contacts and doing business. Almost all organization, in every sphere of activity, has taken advantage of ICT to boost their efficiency, effectiveness, and pace of work…
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Major Issues that IT Managers Face
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Download file to see previous pages The positional situation of the ICT manager is unique in the organization. Not only does the ICT manager have to manage ICT resources, he or she also has to ensure that the ICT resources are easily and effectively utilizable by the users or clients of the organization and non-ICT personnel within the organization itself. ICT managers are no longer concerned only with maintaining ICT equipment and personnel.
“Today’s business environment has changed drastically from just a few years back. Rather than working exclusively with equipment, data, and systems, today’s IT managers face issues such as cross-training, personnel management, interdepartmental communication, and widening job scope for all IT employees.” (Kanu)
ICT managers, therefore, face many challenges in their work. The objective of this paper is to identify four major issues that ICT managers face in their work, to analyze them from both technical and business perspectives and to explore possible solutions to these issues. The four main issues that ICT managers face in the present world are:
In the present world scenario, the fundamental issue that faces any ICT manager is the tailoring of the ICT strategy for business value. This is where ICT managers are required to take a broader perspective of the respective organizations that they are working for and understand the business strategy of the organization fully. ICT managers have to know what businesses want to accomplish with ICT, and then shape the delivery strategy of ICT accordingly. Unless the ICT strategy and the business strategy are synchronized and complement and support each other, a larger part of every effort of the ICT manager would lack the objectivity that is so essential. Gottshalk (2001) found that IT leaders are assuming significant organizational roles including the role of a change leader and having the responsibility. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Major Issues That IT Managers Face Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1877 Words.
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