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Unit 8 Application 2 - Essay Example

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Each management should be careful with the issue of employees’ turnover since valuable employees may be lost in this process. In turn, HCLC should be concerned with the loss of 30 managers…
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Unit 8 Application 2
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Download file to see previous pages The exit of a manager must be categorised as downsizing, voluntary or discharge exit so that the calculation of turnover rates in the end becomes possible. Factors contributing to leaving HCLC may be low motivation or external factors in relation to what HCLC offer. It is important to analyse so that the organisation knows what managers are going for that is not being offered (Heneman, Judge and Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). The organisation may fail to retain some of those valuable managers unless we are concerned about the issue. A higher turnover may be faced in the future if we do not address the issues in the present. This may spoil the image of the organisation such that getting contracts may become problematic. Managers who are leaving may leave with other employees leading to reduced performance and indiscipline. Later, it may be hard to find, attract or hire managers with value.
HCLC should look at the basis upon which the managers have left the organisation in the previous year. It is important to find out how long they worked in the organisation and how they were managing their positions. (Harris and Brannick, 1999) It would be very wise to interview those managers who have quit knowing the major reasons of managerial turnover. Sometimes employees are said to quit their bosses but not their job. This is a result of the kind of relationship between managers and their bosses (Gully and Phillips, 2010). Proper research and collection of data on relationships that managers share with operations manager should be conducted. Benefits and costs resulting from managerial turnover should be conducted. Categories of cost should be known in terms of training, replacement and separation and all financial non-financial costs estimated. Benefits must be weighed in association with costs of managerial turnover. This information will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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