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Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows Server, IAAS - Essay Example

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This study "Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows Server, IAAS" reflects upon various aspects of cloud computing and certain vulnerabilities faced by its applications or technologies. The study discusses these issues in relation to Windows Server, an integral component of IAAS framework…
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Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows Server, IAAS
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Extract of sample "Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows Server, IAAS"

Download file to see previous pages Cloud computing can be stated as a model for facilitating on-demand, convenient and ubiquitous access to shared pool of computing and configurable resources. This resource sharing platform helps in achieving economies of scale and coherence. The concept of cloud computing is based on a broader aspect of shared services and converged infrastructure. Cloud resources are also dynamically reallocated along with being accessed by multiple users. The entire approach of cloud computing has shifted focus towards OPEX model from basic infrastructure of CAPEX model. This study would reflect upon one of the cloud computing services, known as IAAS. Infrastructure as a service or IAAS is a basic cloud service platform. This mainly refers to online services which abstract user from data partitioning. There are some additional resources offered by IAAS clouds such as raw block storage, firewalls, disk-image library, load balancers, virtual local area networks, software bundles and object storage. Windows Server is a known technology or application based on the concept of IAAS. It is a brand name given to bundle of server operating systems, which are launched by Microsoft. The first server edition was named as Windows NT 3.1; however, there have been advancements in developing Windows Server. This study shall analyse key vulnerabilities witnessed by Windows Server and mitigation strategies implemented over the years. There are some general approaches too that can safeguard the system from external threats. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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