Windows Server Deployment: New Features of Windows Server 2012 - Assignment Example

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This paper shows Windows Server Deployment Proposal. It includes New Features of Windows Server 2012, Deployment and Server Editions, Active Directory, DNS and DHCP, Application Services. Specifically, an author will focus on application deployment and server configuration…
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Windows Server Deployment: New Features of Windows Server 2012
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"Windows Server Deployment: New Features of Windows Server 2012"

Download file to see previous pages Remote Web Access and PC backup this server role is enabled by default. No, server core will be used in any of the servers because it does not support Windows Deployment Service which is to be used to deploy the windows servers in all locations. The deployment of servers will be automated using windows deployment service. Manual deployment is not effective considering the time factor needed to accomplish the whole task since there are many devices and in different places thus using manual deployment will affect the usual business operations hence lowering its profits. Active Directory Creation of Active Directory site topology to map the organization’s WAN topology of being procedural, by creating a site per WAN location at a time. Each site must have a Global Catalog Server, a Domain Controller, and a DNS Server. All of the listed three roles are able to share one domain controller. Concisely, make sure all the client traffic must be restricted by all means in servers carrying similar location as that of the client and schedule replications at off-peak hours such that business activities won’t be affected a great deal. The two sites will be connected using a WAN link using the Tier 1 line. The problem with several locations is to make a replication of domain controllers slow in between sites as compared to DC’s which belong to one site because site replication happens merely for every fifteen minutes hence controlled by the site structure designed. Intra-site domain controller replication takes place in every 5 minutes after there is an attribute change and the same process re-iterates on every domain controller attached. According to (Schaefer 112-140) the new features of Windows Server 2012 that WAI can take advantages of are. The new Server Manager has the multi-server capabilities, which makes it easy to set up roles and features distantly to physical and virtual servers and also with this server it is easy to produce a server group; a set of servers that are managed jointly. Storage Spaces: This is a new feature in Windows Server 2012 that enables one to use cheap hard drives to make a storage pool which is then divided into spaces used like physical disks. Hyper-V Replica: This is a new Windows Server 2012 features. Windows Server Essentials Experience it’s a new server role in these two editions which enables one to take advantage of all the features e.g. Remote Web Access and PC backup this server role is enabled by default. No, server core will be used in any of the servers because it does not support Windows Deployment Service which is to be used to deploy the windows servers in all locations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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This paper has a nice structure. I have used it as an example to make my own one as it gave me an understanding form where to start and how to start.
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