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Electronic diplomacy - Essay Example

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Most of the diplomats in the current world depend on internet for research, communication with family and colleagues via email (Grant, 2004). Furthermore, the diplomats negotiates text that are drafted…
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Electronic diplomacy
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Download file to see previous pages For them to be in touch with the world diplomats have utilized the use of facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the social media network of the country. Using the social media network, the diplomats can easily address the audience with the specific massage they want to convey to them. This is to mean that the diplomats need not to travel up to be the audience are for him or her to deliver the massage hence reducing the mobility (Gaida Jeanette, 2013).
The incising use of E-diplomacy has enabled the people in the places that cannot be reached to understand the stand of the government. For example if the country is being faced with drought or hunger in some region of the country. E-diplomacy can be utilized to inform the affected people on the government plan towards solving the drought or the hanger issue.
The processing of visa documents have been simplified by e-diplomacy tools furthermore it has facilitated the direct with citizens who are at different countries (IRM’s Office of eDiplomacy, n.d). In case of the occurrence of any emergency, e-diplomacy has provided foreign citizens in a given country a chance to communicate with there respective consultants or state embassies. E-diplomacy discussion forum may provide an opportunity for diplomats to hold a free-wheeling debate and provide inputs that are valuable on the issues of foreign policy. The Smartphone apps enable the citizens to access information on passport norms and the initiatives of foreign policy.
Secure visual platforms with safety features that are stringent have been availed to enable discussion confidentiality between specific diplomats. For example in the perspective of India, the ministry flagship publication that is printed in fourteen different languages and distributed among the Indian missions that is abroad currently have a version that is digital. Furthermore, the publication will be availed in a digital magazine store of a dedicated channel which will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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