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The paper 'From Tunes to Symphonies' presents a blog which is a short form of weblog and is a site that normally captures specific opinions, ideas, and views over time. Thus, it is a web application that includes periodic posts usually on a common web page…
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Blog at the Individual Diary
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A blog may be run from individual diaries to aims of media programs, political campaigns as well as corporations in addition to from one infrequent author to a big community of authors. Most blogs are interactive and facilitate visitors to write and leave comments resulting in a community of readers focused on the blog whereas others are not interactive (Pellen & Miller, 2013).
There are several benefits associated with blogs. Thus, blogs can be used as a principal source of news since they are suitable for sharing particularly breaking news with a large online audience, immediate reporting of conferences and events. Thus event updates which go out to people are current and offer a personal perspective. The other advantage of a blog is that it can be used for conversations and can be utilized as a springboard to debate as well as voice opinions (Pellen & Miller, 2013).
By its very nature, a blog can act as an avenue for individuals to pause from conventional communication approaches that seem to match the organizational red tape (Hastings & Domegan, 2013). Blogs also allow the hearing of human voice via reviews, commentaries, and interviews which have been written by real people on the basis of the first-hand experience. Consequently, a blog that is well-written usually bonded with readers on a personal level, implying that it is the personal voice of the blogger that is ‘heard’. The other benefit of a blog is for personal and project information management meaning that a blog can act as a daily digest of news and activities. A blog is a one-stop-shop for one’s videos, photos, weblinks and documents (Guffey & Loewy, 2010).
Lastly, a blog is beneficial in the sense that it facilitates knowledge sharing since blogging dictates that writers offer adequate links to extra information and resources. Such information is distilled, selected as well as organized to assist in elucidating and improving the understanding of the reader of a given topic. Blogs also ensure there is more traffic to a website hence more visibility and have the power to assist one in fostering relationships with partners, colleagues, donors as well as the community one belongs to (Guffey & Loewy,2010). Read More
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