CIS 375 week 8: 2: Usability of iPads and Websites - Case Study Example

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The use of gestures has been applicable in doing away with the use of control. The gestures have the advantage of giving the users access to the variety of the features in…
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CIS 375 week 8: Case Study 2: Usability of iPads and Websites
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Usability of Websites and IPad al Affiliation Usability of IPad and Websites Introduction The following is an analysis on theusability of iPad and websites from the perspective of the users experience in using the iPad.
Use of Gestures in IPad
Gestures enable for the easy use of the iPad instead of routinely going to the home button for navigation. The use of gestures has been applicable in doing away with the use of control. The gestures have the advantage of giving the users access to the variety of the features in the app (Nielsen Norman Group, 2015). Despite the gestures of the app not having a visual affordance, majority of the iPad users have difficulty in using them since one cannot guess them. As such, users find the app gestures cumbersome and hard to replicate them. The likelihood of remembering the gestures is also not high, especially if the app has a different form of gesture than what is normally applicable and used in other apps.
However, users often prefer the gestures that one can just tap or drag along. It is also easy to view and use the gestures if they have a good horizontal appearance on the screen. However, in the case of very complex gestures that require double tapping and holding normally have a hard application to most of the iPad users (Nielsen Norman Group, 2015).
User Input
This refers to the ease of use in filling out complicated forms. The users find the iPad complicated when they want to fill out forms, especially because of not knowing the target area to tap when using the application (Nielsen Norman Group, 2015). The usability of the iPad has not afforded the users the ease of usage and enough instructions for usage.
Usability of buttons and thumbnails
Most users do not have confidence when using buttons on the iPad. They consider them hard to use and too small, especially for a person with a big finger (Nielsen Norman Group, 2015). The buttons are too small for the user to efficiently touch them and use them to navigate about the app of the iPad. There are also claims that the buttons confuse the users as they use the iPad. There are smaller thumbnails on an iPad than in a website. The users tend to like the display of thumbnails in their iPad due to their clear and bigger display.
Features liked and disliked
One feature immensely liked by users of iPad is the big screen afforded by the device. The screen allows the users to comfortably navigate through the apps and view the pictures clearly. The users also express a liking for the usage of the device in accessing websites, and this is an improvement from the usage of the iPhone, which had a smaller screen (Nielsen Norman Group, 2015).
The users also liked the usage of the gestures on the iPad, but they have a dislike for the use of buttons. The users also do not have a certain idea of how to use the iPad app, which does not offer them with a choice of where to tap if they want a certain target area.
The case study is from the Nielsen Norman Group who features the interaction of IPad users with applications and websites of the IPad Devices. The users prefer the use of the iPad to using iPhone. The major reason is due to the usage of a bigger screen that allows a clearer viewing of websites.
Nielsen Norman Group. (2015). Reports. NNg. Retrieved June 8, 2015 from Read More
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