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Nimbalkar (2013) defines mobile application testing as the testing of a developed mobile application for issues surrounding its reliability, usability, and functionality. In the study, the researcher notes that mobile application testing has been of great help in ensuring that…
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Why testing is important in mobile application
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Why testing is important in mobile application Affiliation Why testing is important in mobile application Nimbalkar defines mobile application testing as the testing of a developed mobile application for issues surrounding its reliability, usability, and functionality. In the study, the researcher notes that mobile application testing has been of great help in ensuring that companies create varying types of applications for the mobile platform, which suit the end user. The author notes that it is vital to test if the developed mobile application is ready to meet the wants of the end-user. In addition, the author notes that mobile application testing guarantees that the application, which has been created, does not have any usability and functional problems. The researcher asserts that mobile application testing is important in the creation of applications that are free of bugs. To highlight the specific importance of mobile application testing, the study has evaluated the importance of the kinds of mobile application testing. These types of testing as stated in the study include, installation, memory leakage, performance, laboratory, functional, interrupt, certification, and usability testing. According to the study, the installation testing helps verify the success of the installation procedure. Nimbalkar (2013) asserts that the problems that may arise when the application is using data are checked out during the laboratory testing. For the mobile application to be certified, its compliance has to be assessed, the certification testing helps in evaluating the compliance level. Nimbalkar (2013) notes that mobile phones are faced with certain varying conditions that may affect the performance of the application. As a result, performance testing aids in examining how well the application performs under these conditions. The conditions include low network coverage, battery, and memory.
Nimbalkar, R. R. (2013). Mobile Application Testing and Challenges. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND RESEARCH, 2(7), 56-58. Read More
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