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Different companies are hiring people in the I.T sector depending on their levels of skills and experience.
The majority of the I.T job applicants usually…
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Career planning report
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Download file to see previous pages The use of technology to enhance quality production has enabled different companies to demand experts in different fields of I.T from, hospitals, banks, schools to factories.
Another reason for choosing these two fields is because they both fit the level of skills and talents that I possess and working for any of the two will enable me to perfect my skills and offer quality services. My skills include: currently doing computer science level 5, I have a taste for image and sites designing, and editing videos. In addition, I do have little knowledge concerning different programming languages, for example, java, python, SQL, DRroket, Pascal and HTML, CSS and javascript.
Moreover, these two fields gives an individual the platform to learn because one will be offered different challenges or problems that he/she is supposed to help in and researching in such areas gives an individual extra knowledge to learn about.
For the database administrator, they are responsible for the security, integrity and the performance of the database. Nevertheless, depending on the company or the levels of the employee skills or responsibility, the role can differ from inputting data to the total management of information (Americas Job Exchange, 2015).
Different organizations will have different diverse requirements and database needs. In clinic or hospitals, for example, the information of the patient will in most cases be recorded in the database, whilst private organization will most likely store the sales record, the details of the customer and more (Total Jobs, 2015). This data is used to organize and structure the company, deliver target services and marketing and design the strategies of the business.
Nevertheless, the work performed will in a great way assist the other organizations members, including the IT managers, the programmers, and the analysts who all needs these reports to collate information for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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