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Analysis of Early Urban Societies - Assignment Example

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This essay discusses American cities which changed significantly after the world war two. This had an impact on social, economic, and political systems that were available. The essay considers education system which experienced a crisis since the number of poor families had increased significantly…
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Analysis of Early Urban Societies
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Early Urban Societies"

Download file to see previous pages According to (Wilsons, 14) most people moved to cities seeking jobs. The majority of those who moved to cities were from smaller communities considered minority. The migrants came from within America and from other surrounding continents such as Africa and Asia. Those from Africa were mainly from western and northern African countries.
On the contrary, those living in the cities from majority groups found a reason to move back to the suburbs because of the introduction of new methods of farming. The new farming methods included the use of machines that enabled them to plow large sections of land over a short period of time, the use of fertilizers that increased productivity and the implementation of new farming techniques that ensured the conservation of land. The use of machines, however, had a negative impact on the employment of the African Americans who were working in the in the farms since they were replaced by the machines. The technology was introduced in farming and this made it a very lucrative (Henderson & Thisse, 65). It led to the rapid development of both the urban cities and the rural towns which were now growing due to the farming. This movement of the opposites had a big impact on the social, political and economic aspects of the society.
The government has a very limited base for its revenues because the majority of people in the cities who were better financially had moved to suburbs. The city was hence left with a large a population that was less qualified and less productive. This left those in cities jobless because majority depended on majorly on those who left for low paying jobs. The people who were their employers and had professional qualifications had left for the suburbs. Poverty and desperation among the unemployed youth led to an increase in criminal activity in the cities (Wilsons, 23)
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