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Web Design and User Experience - Research Paper Example

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The script also answers questions relating coding and web design by making it clear that one can create a web design without knowing how to code…
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Web Design and User Experience
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Download file to see previous pages b Web administrators should aim to provide plausible and original content. Content on web pages should be researched and proven to be accurate so as to provide credible information to the users. Pages with original content stand a better chance of being revisited over and over.
c Graphics should be used sparingly on the web pages. Pages with a lot of graphics takes a lot of time and bandwidth to load which to the users is a waste of time. Great websites uses graphics where necessary and text where necessary and not replacing one for another.
d Text should be easy to read and colours wisely chosen. Easiest most readable page is black text on white background but this may seem too formal or dull so designers may try to pimp up their web pages but should be careful not to choose a background that makes it difficult for users to read or hides some text.
e Web pages should be secure. Designers should take into consideration the security of user’s information especially where user uses some of their critical information like in online banking and money transfer. Security will provide a sense of trust with the web users who are assured their information is safe.
f Make searching available on web pages. This will let users use the minimal time to find a particular information that they require. Designers should therefore use keywords on particular information that user may use to find the item.
g Webpages should be interactive. Websites that allows users to be interactive automatically generate content that the users requires from this interactions hence keep bringing back users to the site. Designers can make use of chat software and integrate them to their pages.
h Compatibility with most web browsers and also future browsers. Designers should use defined acceptable standards and valid programming languages that are compatible with most browsers, this will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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