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Fratto argues that chief executives who are frantic to compose their quarterly figures may verge into new enterprises or discover ways to cut back costs without having to worry about the effects of poor data security. The article asserts that it is commonplace for supervisory…
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Network Management: Writting Assignment 4 Snort
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Network Management: Writing Assignment 4 Snort Network Management: Writing Assignment 4 Snort Overview Fratto argues that chief executives who are frantic to compose their quarterly figures may verge into new enterprises or discover ways to cut back costs without having to worry about the effects of poor data security. The article asserts that it is commonplace for supervisory compliance and financial pressure to come up in businesses’ yearly surveys as prominent items. Fratto was still surprised to some extent by the figure of respondents finding it hard to determine ways to evaluate the risks integral in the diverse types of cloud computing. As a result, Fratto contends that compliance is the key purpose of risk management programs, which makes compliance, linked to internal fiscal appraisals, the leading determinant of success (Fratto, 2009). Being aware of the location of data is preliminary to securing it since location data have considerable legal consequences. Evaluating cloud security is hard and constant.
Providers of cloud security tend to ask their clients to trust the methods of processing and data handling devoid of a tool for confirming the security whether this trust is guaranteed. In spite of financial tensions, organizations continue to finance compliance initiatives since their hands are tied. Past regulatory compliance, national and state legislations also impact cloud and the data security budgets. Intrusion notification legislations do not inform organizations on ways to secure their data. Instead, these laws need organizations to inform their clients on any losses of data they have made. The article concludes that the main trouble with rights management is the nonexistence of standard setups and interfaces among solutions and operating systems to oversee rights evenly (Fratto, 2009).
My Viewpoint
The viewpoint that I chose is the application of similar privacy requirements by all cloud security providers and users. Fratto wrote, “Whether your sensitive data is in your own data center, in a cloud service, or replicated between the two, the same privacy requirements apply” (Fratto, 2009). I am on board with this viewpoint since I am aware of the same employment and financing barriers that organizations with proficient cloud and computing security deal with today. The same organizations concentrate on overseeing risk and securing data. As Fratto puts it, these firms are aware of their “appetite for risk” and they oversee it instead of considering security a checklist of prerequisites (Fratto, 2009). This viewpoint makes data security providers realize that they cannot secure everything with certainty. As a result, putting the vital assets and the possibility of loss, and setting up programs and measures for security is the best course of action.
I am impressed with this viewpoint the most since it serves as a solution to the critical problem the article presents. The solution is prioritizing one’s risk requisites and finding out which actions should be assumed to secure one’s data. One then determines the innovation, tool, or protocols required to alleviate the risk (Fratto, 2009). This viewpoint enhanced my understanding about security and management to the extent that I can point out the exact requirements for securing delicate data internally. I also learned about questions that are more vital that I ought to pose when attempting to solve the company’s problem with cloud security.
Fratto, M. (2009). Whats Your Appetite For Risk? InformationWeek, Jun 22, pg. 25-33. Read More
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