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Network is a connection between one or more computers with other computers or even other systems, which can provide connection to more computers or just create new network within existent one. There are nodes and servers in a network. Servers provide possibility for working of a…
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Network communications
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Network Issues and their functioning DeVry This paper was prepared for CEIS-100 taught by name.
Course Project Week #: 2
Network issues and their functioning.
Network is a connection between one or more computers with other computers or even other systems, which can provide connection to more computers or just create new network within existent one. There are nodes and servers in a network. Servers provide possibility for working of a network and nodes are computers which included to the network and they should be connected. According to one classification based on the location of a network we can distinguish LANs, WANs, CANs and MANs. All these networks can be created within some location, for instance LANs – it is networks, which connect computers located mostly in one building, WANs – are networks, which are farther than LANs, however, they connect computers in low distance through the telephone or radio channel, CANs – are networks, which located strictly on the one peculiar location, like the campus of university and so on and the last one is MANs – are the largest networks, which connect considerable quantity of computers, which located in the city. Such networks are very big and have many servers, routers, which allow their functioning (“What is,” 2013).
There are measures of the networks efficiency and one of them is bandwidth. Considering the networks, bandwidth is generally data transfer rate, i.e. amount of some data that can be transferred from one location to another in some specified period of time, however mostly this period is set to one second. Bandwidth is expressed in bps i.e. bits per second. Many modern networks can allow millions of bits per second, and they express it with the Mbps(“What is,” 2011).
Early computers had not access to the network without the special device, it is called NIC. This device allows computers to join the network through some of the channels like wire or radio. Modern computers have preinstalled Computer network interface cards, which are abbreviated to the NIC. Some of the NICs have both wire and radio channels to connect other computers. They belong to the PCI devices(“What is,” 2011).
There are three wired and wireless media for the network transmission and wired ones are: twisted pair, coaxial cable, optical fiber and to wireless media belong: Radio waves, microwaves, infrared. All these media enable networks’ existence (What is, 2014).
There is one situation where there was very hard to enable computers to communicate, I had usual local network connection with one computer and wanted to share my internet connection with it, however, I had PPoE connection and this kind of connection needs authorization and making one more computer to login is impossible, therefore creation of bridge is impossible, however ,with the usage of proxy-server one can solve this problem, but, the system gives one IP address for one computer and connection of more computers are not supposed. Therefore, it is reasonable to create the NAT- connection of computers, there is one good software that enabled me to create and maintain such connection between my two connection – UserGate. With this application, the second computer got the connection to the internet from the hidden NAT network. All these steps were quite complicated, because the connection between the two computers using PPoE protocols are tricky, one should maintain NAT-network and DHCP protocol. And this protocol helps computers to get their IPs, addresses in the network. However, to work within the NAT-network, it should be correctly configured and Usergate helped to do that without the studying all peculiarities of this protocol and its functioning.
My professional life will be closely connected with networking, because maintaining of the networks and their administration is good skill that is necessary for the position of system administrator, furthermore, working in the big firm, there can be multiple computers connected through the various networks and my skills to use networks can help me to adjust them, to repair them in case of some malfunctions and so on.
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