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Digital Telecommunications and Networks - Assignment Example

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The author of the current paper claims that this report has discussed two major devices – Modems and Routers – and has highlighted the use of each device for gaining Internet connectivity either through a wired or wireless medium. It has also discussed the latest advances in routers manufacturing…
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Digital Telecommunications and Networks
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Extract of sample "Digital Telecommunications and Networks"

Download file to see previous pages For example, if there are 8 computers attached on an 8 port hub it will amplify and copy the data packet on other available 7 ports as well. On an OSI model, Hub is considered to be a layer one device means physical layer device. Hubs are not preferable for a large network as they do not monitor and control the traffic. A. Active Hub: These hubs, also popularly known as ‘Repeaters’, actually boost the data packet signals in order to make them reach the destination, therefore, they can play important role in case if the network has been implemented over a large geographical area.B. Passive Hub: Passive Hubs are basically the normal operating hubs and unlike Active Hubs, these hubs are not capable of regenerating the signals and therefore, do not amplify the data packets. Due to this limitation, Passive Hubs are only considered to implement small networks with few computers.C. Intelligent Hub: Intelligent Hubs are the most advanced form of hubs. They contain extra features which help in managing the network on a large scale. They can be used instead of a switch and can be a safe choice as compared to Active and Passive Hubs. Following is the list of extra features and functionalities that makes Intelligent Hubs more popular over other types of hubs:• It supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) through which we can access this hub and monitor its uptime and downtime in case of any power failure.• It also supports VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) which makes the network more manageable. For example, if a computer moves from one location to another within the same VLAN, then there is no need to change the configuration of the network like a gateway, subnet mask etc.• It can also be used as a bridge between two networks as it is capable to amplify the data transmission, similar to Active Hubs.• It allows switching.• It supports a number of technologies; for example, WAN, FDDI and Token Ring. In Figure 1, we assume that there are four departments and each department’s node is attached to a separate Intelligent Hub in order to implement the VLAN and ensure better management of the users.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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