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Improving telecommunications networks are a positive development for human impact on the environment - Essay Example

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Integrating telecommunications into the corporate workplace has enabled development of applications and processes that enable productivity and improvement…
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Improving telecommunications networks are a positive development for human impact on the environment
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Extract of sample "Improving telecommunications networks are a positive development for human impact on the environment"

Improving Telecommunications Networks Are a Positive Development for Human Impact on the Environment Telecommunication systems have improved the channels and methods of communication among companies, as well as individuals. Integrating telecommunications into the corporate workplace has enabled development of applications and processes that enable productivity and improvement of company operations. Telecommunication has also supplemented the process of globalization. Companies now play a role in regulating trade restrictions and cultural issues that are vitally important to ensure international trade is carried out. This paper will address the aspects of telecommunications networks that enable the positive development of human impact on the environment.
Telecommunication act as a tool for sustainable development of the environment. The conduct of communication on various platforms such as visual or electronic form acts as alternatives to physical transport. Transport in the modern days has resulted to challenges of urban congestion and traffic, in both developing and developed countries. Telecommunication enables the sustainable reduction in unnecessary transports through telecommuting and on-line trading (Sioshansi, 2011, p. 14). Development of the telecommunication infrastructure has enabled the reduction of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. This action has reduced the atmospheric pollution that supplements the reduction of respiratory problems among people, as well as the protection of the ozone layer.
Telecommunications has impacted positively the environmental field by enabling successive implementation of environmental programs. Improved access to information about agriculture has enabled the sustainable production of agricultural products. Improving telecommunication systems in the rural areas discourage people from migrating to congested towns. Through retaining workforce in the rural areas, the development of the rural economy is accelerated thereby improving living standards of the rural people. An integrated rural development enables development of infrastructure and other public services and foreign investment (Sioshansi, 2011, p. 21). Satellite images have also enabled the uncovering of digital terrain models used to evaluate catchment areas that are possible sites for putting up retention structures.
Sioshansi, F. P. (2011). Energy, sustainability, and the environment technology, incentives, behavior. Burlington, MA, Butterworth-Heinemann. Read More
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