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They include; host -based printers and host- based modems (Technet, 2015). Web application firewall refers to a server application that monitors a conversation between a client browser…
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CIS 21 U2 Review
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CIS 21 U2 Review Activity 3 1. Which technology is only used for monitoring and capturing the content of data communications on a network?
I.D.S stands for intrusion detection system. It monitors all the inbound and outbound network activities (Paloalto 2015). Also, it reports any form of malicious activity that may attack the system.
2. What is the difference between a host-based, and web application based firewall?
Host -based firewall refers to any device attached to the computer for proper functionality. They include; host -based printers and host- based modems (Technet, 2015). Web application firewall refers to a server application that monitors a conversation between a client browser and web server.
3. Your organization is in the process of implementing security controls throughout the corporate network. A security device is needed to actively scan and monitor network activity and then alert and block any access that is suspicious. What device is the best option for this scenario?
NIPS, it stands for network intrusion prevention system. It controls and monitors all the activities in a system. Moreover, it prevents malicious programs that may interfere with proper functionality.
Activity 3-2
1. What is the role of NAT on a network?
NAT is a short form of Network Address Translation. As the name suggests, it translate IP address. It tightens network security as it unmasks all the incoming and outgoing addresses. It ensures a standard address is used in communication worldwide.
2. .Which technology allows telephone, email, fax, web, and computer actions to be integrated to work together?
PBX, it stands for Private Branch Exchange. It allows for private telephone networking in an organization. Usually, it uses open interfaces thus making it more flexible than other systems. Its flexibility invites telephones, emails, and fax, web and computer actions to function together.
3. Your organization is in the testing phase of a new accounting application and he needs to verify functionality on various operating systems before deploying it to the customers, but is dealing with hardware availability issues. What network design component would suggest in this scenario?
I would suggest for ERP for it is accounting software highly integrated. Purposefully, it is more productive hence enhances its efficiency.
Activity 4-5
1. Why should organizations invest in data security?
Success of a business depends on data security
Organization’s data is the core of its business. Personal information, employee credentials, and sensitive files are kept on a company’s network. Therefore, the security backup system should be deployed. The system helps businesses to run smoothly even in case of hardware fail.
2. What data encryption method should you implement when you need to send data for the company’s annual earnings report as an attachment in an email from your mobile device to the board of directors of your organization?
Symmetric encryption should be implemented .Here, a common key is used to encrypt and decrypt a message.
3. How can data leakage affect your organization, and how could it be prevented?
Withdrawals by other partners
Business partners may choose to leave the company. Several employees, however, may get scrutinized from their job. Also, it invites significant financial losses. Unfortunately, it drives organizations into the enormous risk that hinders successful continuity of a business.
Security measures should be assigned to curb these risks. Intrusion detection software should be installed so as to monitor any malicious suspected program.
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