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Computer Network: Comparison of the Components Functioning of the Repeater, Bridge, Network routers, and Gateway - Assignment Example

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The author of the paper compares and contrasts the functioning of the components of the repeater, bridge, network routers, and gateway. Then the author of the paper examines the sharing and transmitting of the data files to some other attached LAN network…
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Computer Network: Comparison of the Components Functioning of the Repeater, Bridge, Network routers, and Gateway
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Download file to see previous pages In this way, a repeater can expand the area of a LAN (Forouzan & Fegan, 2003, p.446). In a network, a repeater is used to join two segments. It regenerates and retimes the signals to appropriate amplitudes as well as transmits them to the further segments. However, in case of Ethernet topology, we are almost using a repeater. Since, repeaters need a small amount of time to renew the signal (Tech Interviews, 2004).
A bridge can perform a function in both data link layer as well as a physical layer. As a physical layer device, it creates the signals it receives on the other hand in data link layer; it verifies MAC addresses contained in the frame (Forouzan & Fegan, 2003, p.449). A bridge examines the outermost part of data in the data packet, to inform where the message is reaching. It minimizes the traffic on other segments of the network, as it does not transmit the entire of the data packets. Bridges is able to program to refuse packets from specific networks. The bridge is able to read the Ethernet data that offers the hardware address of the target address, not the network IP address. Bridges promote the entire broadcast messages. Simply a particular bridge is known as Translation Bridge that permits two networks of dissimilar architectures to be linked. Bridges do not generally permit link of networks through dissimilar architectures. The hardware address is as well known as the media access control (or MAC) address. To verify the network segment a media access control address fits in, bridges employs one of (Tutorials Web, n.d) & (YBET IT, 2007):
Transparent Bridging - They construct a bridging table (also known as the table of addresses) as they take delivery of packets. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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