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Setting up a home network - Essay Example

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A network is a system through which two or more computers are linked with each other so that resources like printers, files can be shared between them. It also enables electronic communication between them. Computers in a network may be linked with each other through cables, telephone lines, infrared beams or satellite…
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Setting up a home network
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"Setting up a home network"

Download file to see previous pages A LAN configuration consists of a main system that is known as the file server and the computers connected to these servers are known as work stations. The file server consists of software that generally controls the network and they can be shared by the computers in the work station. The file servers are generally more powerful that the workstation as they are the ones that controls the network. LANs are generally connected through cables that connect the interface of the network with each computer.
A LAN network may vary in size from a few computers to in a single office to many located in several buildings. A LAN may in turn be connected to a larger network also, for example a WAN or a larger LAN. When a LAN is connected to a larger network it has a signal repeater, bridges or routers that can transmits signal from the smaller network to a larger network. The technologies that are used to build a LAN network are diverse in nature. The universal components like the physical media helps to connect the device. An interface connects the computers in a network to the media. Protocols are responsible for transmitting data within a network, where as software acts as an interface between the user and the network. It interprets and helps to administer the services and the network. For a LAN to run management is required and the level of management required to administer a LAN depends on the size of the network (Indiana University, n.d.).
The connection speed is generally high and installing the connection is inexpensive, for example the Ethernet or token ring. An Ethernet is generally rated by its speed of transmitting and receiving data. A normal Ethernet has a speed of 10Mbps; where as an Ethernet with a speed of 100Mbps is known as a fast Ethernet. Even higher speed Ethernet like the gigabit Ethernet has a connection speed of 1000Mbps (Indiana University, n.d.).
Wireless LANs
A LAN network is not necessarily connected by cables. They can also be connected by wireless. In case of a wireless LAN the work station and file servers are connected by means of radio signals, infrared light beams or even lasers. The work station and the files servers have an antenna or a transceiver through which it can receive or transmit data. Telephone technology, microwave transmission and satellites can also be used where the distance between the LAN networks are far. There are two most commonly used infrared technologies in case of wireless LAN. They are line of sight and scattered broadcast. The former technique can only be used when the path between the work station and the file server is straight free of any obstruction. Even if a person crosses over the path between the file server and the workstations the connection will be lost and the transfer of data has to be repeated. Even the laser broadcast works on the same principle. These problems lead to slow down of the wireless network. In case of scattered infrared communication the signal is transmitted to multiple directions which get reflected off the walls and reaches the receivers.
The wireless networks are very useful to connect with remote computers. They are also helpful in situations where ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Setting up a Home Network Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words)
Setting up a Home Network Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
“Setting up a Home Network Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”, n.d.
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