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In the application development process, the user incorporates the natural human language and it involves two translations. The translations are…
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Summary The software development process/lifecycle is the process of building a good software product of high quality, accurate and correct. In the application development process, the user incorporates the natural human language and it involves two translations. The translations are abstract need statement with detailed implementation and natural language to CPU instructions (Systems Architecture Sixth Edition Chapter 10 5). Further, a good software development process should involve design models and system requirement models. Another important aspect is the methodology which involves tools useful for automation of the development tasks. However, proper tool selection is a critical and a difficult undertaking. The methodology defines specific deliverables and artifacts that are created for the purpose of maintaining an application.
The programming languages also known as codes are used to instruct the computer to perform certain tasks. Therefore, the programmer must complete the objective of making the language easy to comprehend and efficient in the sense that few instructions are written to complete the required task. It is significant to note that the languages range from first-generation to fifth-generation languages. However, these languages are set by ANSI and ISO which guarantee program portability among operating systems and application programs (Systems Architecture Sixth Edition Chapter 10 25).
In the compilation process, the program editor ensures that input is from the programmer, program, template or both. The output also referred to the source code should be partial or complete. The output is stored in a file and the file is named to indicate its functionality as well as the programming language. Therefore, the compiler checks syntax errors, translates code into instructions and generates CPU instructions among other instruction (Systems Architecture Sixth Edition Chapter 10). Most importantly, the compiler completes data declaration, data operation, control structures and functions which include subroutine calls. Link editing is also carried out by the link editor and searches for external function calls in the compiler library. Link editing is either dynamic or static.
In addition, interpreters are part and puzzle of the software development lifecycle. They interleave source code translation, foresee link editing and execution. After interpreting, symbolic debugging is carried out. It refers to the use of an automated tool for testing executable programs. This is enhanced through the use of symbol table, memory map and object-oriented programming language such as Java. Java Maximizes reliability of applications and reusability of existing code, but the setback is reduced execution speed due to the use of interpreting by the codes and OS translation (Systems Architecture Sixth Edition Chapter 10).
The final process is the application of development tools which include Programming languages, program translation tools, and debugging tools address only the implementation discipline of the Unified Process (Systems Architecture Sixth Edition Chapter 10). In conclusion, the summary of the PowerPoint slides is divided into Software development process, Programming languages, Compilation and link editing, Interpretation, Symbolic debugging and Application development tools for easier understanding. They are the important aspects I have thoroughly explored and understood.
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Systems Architecture Sixth Edition Chapter 10. Cengage Learning. PowerPoint Slides. 2015. Read More
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ANY Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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