Information security management (small mail company) smaller to Aramex mail company in UAE - Essay Example

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Swift Courier is a relatively small company deals in courier services involving the delivery of various goods and services. The company is based in Abu Dhabi and has clients across the United Arab…
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Information security management (small mail company) smaller to Aramex mail company in UAE
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Download file to see previous pages tively, the company management team has at least 50 years of experience in areas like transportation planning, logistics, operations, routing, as well as the managing mail/postage delivery. They together ensure that clients receive services that creative, professional, and practical. The company’s operations managers ensure that they are always close to the customers. They are also available for any issue requiring immediate attention.
Reason for Request for the Proposal is to outline the possible ways of addressing the major security requirements of the best information security program that can meet the company’s security needs. Swift Courier needs to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its data and information. The lack of confidentiality of data/information could result to the stealing of credit card numbers belonging to customers leading to legal implication as well as loss of the company’s good will. This could consequently lead to loss of customers in the future especially international clients given that the company interfaces with other international couriers. Lack of data integrity on the other hand may lead to the planting of virus software like Trojan horse that would allow intruders to access the company’s secrets information, which may in turn lead to loss of data and information and hence deteriorated availability of data and information. The security program would enhance the company IT department’s steps to mitigate information security risks like the loss of data.
Swift Courier comprises of various departments as depicted in its organizational chart in section 1.1.2 (Chandler, 1962). This project proposal can however focus on one department, which is the Information Technology (IT) department. In this regard, the proposal is based on the department’s contingency plan, security policies, risk assessment, and security awareness. Swift Courier’s main requirements are in the areas of contingency planning, risk ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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