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Association of Phoenix Employees - Assignment Example

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Phoenix Textile Co. (PTC) has a 500 strong-workforce who work on two shifts daily, seven days a week, and twelve months a year. Production demand fluctuates depending on the orders and season of the year. But production has never dropped to the point of making a number of employees go on forced vacation due to low demand. …
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Association of Phoenix Employees
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The study was conducted by HREG from January to June 2011 with the permission of Phoenix Textile Co. (PTC) to enhance and improve the recording and tracking of attendance of employees, payment system and processing of salaries of employees. The study includes both software and system enhancement so that manpower time can be saved for the Human Resources, Accounting Department and the employees and workers that queue the Cashier/Disbursing Section (under the Accounting Department) to get their salaries.

We are encouraging the management to act upon the recommendations submitted by HREG since implementation of the changes would bolster the morale and production of the employees and workers in the company. Modification in the system would save time both for the management and employees.

Phoenix Textile Co. (PTC) has a 500 strong-workforce who work on two shifts daily, seven days a week, and twelve months a year. Production demand fluctuates depending on the orders and season of the year. But production has never dropped to the point of making a number of employees go on forced vacation due to low demand. Thus, the company remains competitive in the local and global market.

With the continuous work in PTC, attendance and absences recording and tracking pose a problem to the management. Paying the salaries of employees entail time for both the Disbursing Section and the employees. The long queue just to receive one’s salary produces annoyance since at times, the employees themselves become disorderly. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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