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Networks, Telecommunications and Computing - Research Paper Example

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In the essay “Networks, Telecommunications and Computing” the author analyzes the risk with mobile marketing, which is that individuals outside of the database will gain access to the information. Users could forward the text to individuals whose number is not within the company database…
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Networks, Telecommunications and Computing
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Extract of sample "Networks, Telecommunications and Computing"

Download file to see previous pages 5. Being able to track if the coupon is forward benefits the café because it allows the company to track the effectiveness of the ad campaign itself and determine what segments of the population like specific products.
1. The virtual world could serve as an online medium to allow consumers to interact with a product or service in an abstract environment. This makes the company more accessible, to individuals who participate in this virtual world. Moreover, it may be effective in drawing in new customers.
3. The best strategy for interacting with consumers In the virtual world would be to convert existing FAQ into the text to be delivered in the system. Additionally, members at call centers can be confronted to representatives within the virtual world and communicate with an individual via voice over IP.
4. The Second life consumer differs from traditional consumers because there is a layer of formality between the interactions. This means that the company will have to take the necessary precautions not only to protect the consumers’ privacy but have a detailed interaction to ensure order accuracy.
5. Website users simply use the site as a tool to access the brick and motor structure, but individuals within Second Life also want some type of digital recognition of the product purchase. That has a secondary function within the virtual environment.
7. Individuals could use products in a manner that violates traditional corporate ethics. And online branding is very identifiable.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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