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That will ensure that they spend less time doing the same thing with scripts that have been put to test in the past.
The scripts are also…
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CIS206 Linux question
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Linux Administrators need for Scripts Insert Insert Administrators in Linux systems need scripts when they find themselves in a situation where they have to do the same thing repeatedly. That will ensure that they spend less time doing the same thing with scripts that have been put to test in the past.
The scripts are also easier to use thus saves the administrator a lot of time. Further, they automate the administrator’s task of monitoring the system with less effort. They also offer debugging in a very interactive manner (Lewis, 2013). The latter relates to the notion of the quick start. It is a vital tool for managing many users and monitoring the entire system in general.
Using scripts also plays a crucial role when you want to backup your system or the database like MySQL. By using scripts, the system can run the process entirely on its own at times that you are out of reach or the administrator has forgotten to carry out the process (Negus, 2011). In the same manner, it can be applied to network services to ascertain what is running and what has stopped. The following case alerts the administrator before users note. Moreover, administrators need scripts to trace numerous failed logins from particular terminals thus allowing them to block those IP addresses. These are typical symptoms of attempted attacks.
Administrators also create scripts for alerts on the usage of processes in their systems. It is an effective way of identifying processes that are eating up valuable resources thus slowing down the response of the system.
Lewis, J. (2013). Linux utilities cookbook. [Place of publication not identified]: Packt Publishing Limited.
Negus, C. (2011). Linux Bible. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley. Read More
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