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It also concerns the ability of the filesystem to be increased or reduced and limitations that come with it (Basta, 2013). We also consider its compatibility with a majority of the other…
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CIS206 U3 Discussion
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Filesystems in Linux and Windows Insert Insert Reasons that will make you choose one filesystem over another typically? The reasons for choosing one filesystem over another include read and write capabilities. It also concerns the ability of the filesystem to be increased or reduced and limitations that come with it (Basta, 2013). We also consider its compatibility with a majority of the other filesystems. It is also vital to consider the length of its fsck which determines whether it’s or not journalized.
What Windows file systems do you typically use and why?
I use exFAT filesystem because it saves me the time of having to format the drive when shifting from the two operating systems I use i.e. mac and windows. The reason for this is NTFS happens to be read only on Mac while Mac formatted drives cannot be in Windows.
How does this compare to Linux filesystems?
Windows is made up of FAT and NTFS filesystems whereas Linux has a variety of files systems most that you can boot from the network. Its not easy to run out of memory in Linux because it has swap partition that is different from the partition containing data. The latter is not the case in Windows (Carpenter, 2012). In addition, Linux filesystems have a lot of recovery tools as compared to windows.
Evaluate two Linux filesystems and make a recommendation for why an administrator may choose one Linux filesystem over another?
There are many file systems in Linux including xfs, ext3, ext4, ext2, and jfs. These filesystems have different advantages and disadvantages thus the preference of one over the other. XFS has its data layout the same way it is in ext2, ext3, and ext4. However, it has a journal and consequently increments btree management of meta-data. The latter case leads to poor performance especially when in managing meta-data in files and directories. A positive outcome is read enactment. XFS also has an excellent performance when handling read and write at the same time.
It is one of the filesystems that has been tested and fine-tuned over a long period. Further, it has incredible features that include xfs_fsr a defragmenter that is very simple to use (Hudson & Hudson, 2006). However, it is only possible to increase the size of the XFS but its not feasible to reduce that size. Thus as a precaution it is advisable to start with a smaller size.
Ext4 evolves from ext3. It has the advantage of writing in a journal before updating the file system. It has made it good in recovering from crashes. It also adds wonderful management to adjacent data in files. Its performance in reading is good. Since it is very recent, a lot of tests are still underway.
Discuss some of the reasons why you feel an administrator might impose a disk quota system on a Linux server. Challenges of implementing a general quota upon all corporate users?
An administrator imposes a disk quota system on a Linux server so as to distribute the disk space among the users or groups according to their usage needs. It is also important in determining the number of directories and files that the administrator can create. Further, it also enables them to set a point of warning to its users that they are closing in on the disk limit allocated to them.
The disadvantage of implementing a general quota for all corporate users is risking the loss of data. The scenario happens when quota software scans the disk regularly to determine disk usage. Users encounter this after exceeding their quota and may be forced to change to a program managing the file system so as to delete till they have space. Thus, users need tutoring on how to handle this.
Basta, A. (2013). Linux operations and administration. Boston: Course Technology/Cengage Learning.
Carpenter, T. (2012). Microsoft Windows operating system essentials. Indianapolis, Ind.: John Wiley & Sons.
Hudson, A., & Hudson, P. (2006). Red Hat Fedora 5 Linux Unleashed. Indianapolis, Ind.: Sams. Read More
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