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The paper “Windows v/s Linux” focuses on Cisco Systems Inc., a multinational corporation located in the United States. The companies headquarter is in San Jose, in the state of California. It mainly deals with the manufacturing and selling of networking equipment…
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Windows v/s Linux
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Download file to see previous pages The small business comprises of the technology-based start-ups and home businesses. Examples of small business startups include Borderless Networks, Security and surveillance, Routers and Network storage systems. The third segment comprises of the home users, which includes or refers to individuals who require the services Cisco offers the comfort of their homes. The Home user includes broadband and flips video. Based on the nature of the products that the company offers it must involve the use of a stable operating system that is capable of withstanding and coordinating its activities.
Both Windows and Linux are examples of an operating system. An operating system commonly referred to as an OS is a program that when loaded into a computing device can manage all the programs within that computer. The programs that an operating system manages are known as applications. The application programs work in collaboration with the OS by making requests through an interface known as the application program interface. The computer users can interact with the operating system directly by using the command language. An operating system is essential for the operations of a computer-based on the manner in which it interacts with the applications. Some of the functions of an operating system include
All the computer platforms including both software and hardware make use of the operating systems. Some of the operating systems include VMS, AIX, Linux, OS/400, z/OS, and Windows. From the operating systems, Linux and Windows are the most commonly used based on the nature in which they operate and their accessibility. This paper will, therefore, focus on comparing Linux and Windows operating systems.
Linux is an operating system commonly used in many gadgets. Linux is computer software that makes it possible for the applications and the computer user to get access to the devices that make the computer perform. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Windows v/S Linux Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1654 Words)
Windows v/S Linux Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1654 Words.
“Windows v/S Linux Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1654 Words”, n.d.
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