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The finance department of XYZ Inc. has hired two trainees to work on a simple database application. Users are going to use the computer for the first time. Unix/Linux (Linux Kernel 4.1) …
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Operating Systems
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Operating Systems al Affiliation Operating Systems Windows 10 Unix/Linux (Linux Kernel 4 MacOS (El Capitan) Scalability Windows 8 has the best scalability compared to the tow other version. It supports several hardware and components (1/3)
A great number of hardware does not support it and this affects its scalability. This has greatly affected its application in some operating environments (3/3)
Although it is an improvement of earlier versions, its scalability still falls below Windows (2/3)
Ease of Use
Out of the three operating systems, Windows 10 is the easiest to use (1/3)
It is Complicated and many people may find it hard to use (3/ 3)
The inclusion of several new features compromises its ease of use (2/3)
Although improvements have been made in this version, it cannot match the reliability of Linux and MacOS (1/3)
Linux is a kernel which can run for months and years without the need to reboot (2/3)
It only run in Apple computers and is therefore prone to software and hardware crashing. (3/ 3)
The cost of Windows 10 is higher than that of Linux but lower than the cost of MacOS (2/3)
Linux is the cheapest of the three operating systems. One of the main reasons why this operating system is used is because of its low cost. Its cost can therefore be ranked at one out or three (3/3)
It is the most expensive operating system out of the three. Since the cost is very high compared to the other two operating systems, it can be ranked at 1/3
Question 1: The finance department of XYZ Inc. has hired two trainees to work on a simple database application. Users are going to use the computer for the first time.
Unix/Linux (Linux Kernel 4.1)
Question 2: Smart Shoppers needs an OS with an easy-to-use interface and also the capability to support dual processors.
Windows 10
Question 3: A non-profit organization wants to host a Web site and needs a computer to host the Web site. They want a cost-effective solution for hosting the Web site.
Windows 10
Jangla, K. (2015). Windows 10 revealed: The universal windows operating system for pc, tablets, and windows phone. San Francisco: Apress. Read More
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Operating Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 4.
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