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They include agriculture, technology, engineering, and real estate. The aim is to make the customers products that span these varied…
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Paperless office database - Topic title
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Paperless Office Database in Advertisement Company Insert Insert Introduction Advertisement Company offers services related to the promotion, planning and creating advertisements concerning various issues in the community. They include agriculture, technology, engineering, and real estate. The aim is to make the customers products that span these varied fields to sell to their target customers (Pride & Ferrell, 2008). With increasing computer power and technology, there are many ways in which advertisements are now carried out. However, some of the traditional advertisements means are still applicable.
The choice of this topic is to counter the gap created by the ever evolving strength of technology in advertisement. There is also need to reach out to the global market (Digital IEEE Software House Advertisement, 2013).Previously, it was easier due to the geographical region had to cover as compared to currently when there are no boundaries globally, and you want to reach out to them.
The way to collect information about the advertisement company is to do document review of journals, books, and articles. The step is very vital because there are many people out there who have carried out research on the topic, and it is necessary to consider their opinions. Further, there would be an interview with experts in the field to get first-hand information on their experiences and trending ways of advertisements (Reeves, 2014). In addition, questionnaires will also be used to reach out to experts who are willing to help but are far thus it is not possible to interview them.
There are a lot of data challenges in advertisement companies. First, there is a lot of incoming data from consumers. These data needs to be analyzed, and patterns drawn from it to make projections. The results are important in making decisions in the company. The company also needs to get real-time retrieval of information concerning their customers. It is a significant challenge with traditional means to achieve this. Thus, a relational database management system is required. Handling of varied formats of data is also inevitable (Digital Magazines House Advertisement, 2014). A database system offers a lot of flexibility in storing a lot of data with different formats. They can also handle a lot of data at the same time as compared to any traditional means. Databases further encourage validation of data, segmentation of consumers and proper organization of data in the media industry.
The system wishes to achieve a number of milestones. First, is to omit manual handling of data using files and cabins by digitizing content. Secondly, it will provide a lot of control to organizations data through creating an onsite data platform. Further, it seeks to induce a lot of security to the data it gets in and out of the organization by preventing SQL Injection.
The system will have MySQL as the backend. The reasons for choosing MySQL are many and include: being open source thus it is readily available for a lot of community support. It also provides a lot of data protection since it is the core role of any organization. Thus, user’s login to the system can be regulated easily. For remote connections, it allows the secure connection through the use of SSL and SSH (Ullman, 2006). Further, it is high flexible and comes with a lot of scalabilities. Apart from supporting various operating systems, it stores colossal data in a much-miniaturized nature. In addition, its performance is awesome with different ways to configure the server for a number of varied applications.
Advertisement industry is growing rapidly, and the demands from the consumers keep changing. As a result, these companies require a faster, reliable, efficient and robust way to handle data. Further, the nature of the data they process is diverse and requires reliable means to store it in a minimal form like using relational database. Consequently, MySQL is a suitable database to run in such organizations.
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