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The standard approach used to perform this task is reviewing error logs. However, as the volume of logs increases, it becomes challenging to a Database Administrator. As such,…
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PC / Security on Servers or any thing about Servers 4
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Server: Error Monitoring in SQL Server Error monitoring in a database management environment is vital for ensuring consistency in the data. The standard approach used to perform this task is reviewing error logs. However, as the volume of logs increases, it becomes challenging to a Database Administrator. As such, this paper will discuss how to monitor and capture errors in SQL Server using event notification and extended event.
Event notification has an ERRORLOG event, which ensures that messages sent to the error log are also sent to the service broker queue for automatic processing. Figure 1 is a sample script for setting up an ERRORLOG event in SQL Server. However, a stored procedure must be added to the service broker queue to facilitate the processing of error messages. The stored procedure will accomplish the following tasks; filter error messages with a value and email error log messages to the Database Administrator.
A sample script for setting an ERRORLOG event in SQL Server (Strate)
In addition to the errors that appear in the error log, other errors remain hidden from users. As such, the extended event facilitates a deeper gathering of information about errors in SQL Server. One benefit associated with this approach is that it facilitates a simpler platform for tracing and collecting errors immediately they occur. In this regard, a Database Administrator finds it easier to review recent errors. This information is also vital to programmers when troubleshooting errors. For a structured understanding of how the extended event monitors and captures errors, the following example is crucial;
Create an extended event session to monitor and capture errors; 208, 2812, and 4121 interpreted as invalid object name, stored procedure unavailable, and the user-defined function absent respectively. In such a scenario, SQLServer.error_reported, which is initiated whenever an error occurs, is vital. Details that will be captured, in this case, include; SQLServer.session_id; SQLServer.sql_text; sqlserver.client_app_name; sqlserver.client_hostname; sqlserver.database_id; and SQLServer.username. To obtain an extended session for this scenario, the script in figure 2 should be used;
A sample script for creating an extended event session to capture errors in SQL Server (Strate)
In a nutshell, error monitoring and capturing is essential for the maintenance of data consistency and efficient running of the server. In addition to the traditional error logging approach, event notification and extended event provide a simpler platform to Database Administrators to perform this task. However, extended event is still preferred because it facilitates a deeper monitoring, which ensures that hidden errors are also captured.
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Strate, Jason. "Resolving Server Issues Using SQL Servers Extended Events and Notifications." White Papers 2014. Read More
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