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Networking Assignment - Essay Example

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As the DULL Company is having 8 PCs with Windows XP Operating System, they would act as client or workstations. Every workstation needs an Ethernet Card so that they can plug into network physically. So the first task is to plug in Ethernet cards in every one of 8 computers and restart every system so that the drivers of Ethernet could be installed by the Operating System…
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Networking Assignment Essay
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"Networking Assignment"

Download file to see previous pages When the machine is ready after the installation of Windows 2003 with Service Pack1 run "Dcpromo" Command from Star Menu so that the Active Directory Services could be installed. This service is able to keep every details of the resources of the network e.g., Workstations, network printers and users. This service is useful in assigning privileges to the users and manages their account policies. After this restart the system. Now set the IP address of Server to and subnet mask to
connected to the switch and other ends are then connected to the individual machines including server and printer. At this moment all client machines are in a workgroup, they are not yet logged on to the domain of the servers. Now open "Properties" of My Computer and click on Computer Name Tab. Inside this click "Change" button so that domain name can be assigned. After this restart the system. Now use Active Directory Services for creating user accounts, assign them privileges and access to printer if required.
For building a WAN we have to use a Router in each underwriting company and DULL since Ethernet connections cannot be used as they only support a distance of 100 meters and the all the four companies including DULL are at a distance of 10 kms so an individual Router is to be installed at the four companies which give connectivity to their individual LAN with the other LANs.
To establish a WAN connection in the DULL environment and to create such long links, or circuits, the actual physical cabling is owned, installed and managed by a company that has the right of way to run cables under streets. Because a company that needs to send data over the WAN circuit does not actually own the cable or line, it is called a leased line.
In this case point-to-point WAN links provide basic connectivity between two points. To get a point-to-point WAN link, you would work with a service provider to install a circuit. When the phone company or service provider gives you is similar to what you would have if you made a phone call between two sites but you never hung up. The two devices on either end of the WAN circuit could send and receive bits between each other at any time they want, without needing to dialup a phone number. And because the connection is always available, appoint-to-point WAN connection sometimes is called a leased circuit or leased line because you have the exclusive right to use that circuit, as long as you keep paying for it. (Wendell Odom, CCNA Intro, CCIE, Exam Certification Guide)
Now the three under writer companies and the DULL have to buy a Cisco Router each. Four lease lines should have to be taken from the service providers and all the four routers should have to be connected by using those lease lines with each other in a circular manner. Every individual LAN is then connected with their own router.
The windows 2003 domain server with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Networking Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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