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Biometrics' Help to Address Crime, Shape Identification, Security - Coursework Example

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This work "Biometrics' Help to Address Crime, Shape Identification, Security and Privacy" describes the development of technologies, beneficial use of biometrics to the society, the influence of security measures. There has been tremendous development in security, identification, privacy, and fight against crime…
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Extract of sample "Biometrics' Help to Address Crime, Shape Identification, Security"

Download file to see previous pages To be able to achieve the highest level of privacy, for example, access needs to be limited by the most personal characteristics that make us. The use of biometrics has been very beneficial to society. It has brought many improvements in areas such as identification, security, privacy, and in combatting crime.
Simply put, biometrics refers to the metrics that relate to human characteristics. Often known as realistic authentication, it is used in computer science where it acts as a form of identification and access control. Biometrics are also used in surveillance where it helps identify people in groups. In general, biometrics are used to identify distinctive, measurable characteristics that are used to describe individuals. Usually, biometrics are divided into two, those who measure physiological, and those measuring behavioral characteristics. Physiological characteristics measure the ‘physical’ characteristics of the body that relate to its shape. Some of these features include fingerprint, face recognition, palm veins, DNA, hand geometry, iris recognition, odor, and retina (Magnet 2011). Behavioral characteristics, on the other hand, are related to the pattern of behavior of an individual. Some of these include gait, typing rhythm, and voice.
Traditionally, means of access control involved the use of identification systems that were token-based, use of passports or driver’s license, knowledge-based identification systems for example passwords or use of personal identification number. Biometrics are more reliable as they are unique to the persons using them. For example, every person on the planet has a unique fingerprint. This means that they can never pass for everyone else. A driver’s license, on the other hand, can be forged. The use of passwords seems to be secure, but they can be hacked. A password can also be shared among a group which means that privacy cannot be guaranteed in its use. More people are supporting the use of biometrics. Still, its use raises a lot of ethical questions as there are those skeptical of where such collected information will ultimately be used. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Computer Security and Biometrics

... of the of the 8 February Computer Security and Biometrics This paper illustrates the importance of information security management within the organization. The basic idea is to protect information, whether it is in the network, computer system or in a database. Likewise, for addressing system security, all the possible risks, threats and vulnerabilities must be identified for mitigation. Moreover, for authentication purposes, biometric systems are considered to be the most effective control that will also be addressed in this paper. Introduction Due to recurrent technological developments, information and communication technology frequently diverts in new dimensions. The research and development in the context of information...
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However the success of the method is still skeptical where network authentication is considered. Advantages There has been varied and large number of arguments in favor of adopting the biometric authentication for network access. Among them the most accepted argument is the uniqueness of biometric characteristics. This uniqueness of the biometric characteristic helps to make it an ideal candidate authenticating technology. There is no better way to authenticate an individual’s identity than verifying his inherent and unique attributes; at first his fingerprints. The use of fingerprints as system of identification can be traced back to the 1850s; evidence to this belief is the establishment of Scotland Yards Central Fingerprinting...
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...? Biometrics (Add (Add (Add Biometrics Biometrics is the ultramodern means of identification of individuals basedon their biological as well as behavioral characteristics. Biometrics had been a popular topic of debate for a while especially in choosing it as the technology for security checks and access control. As Jain, Bolle and Pankanti (n.d) point out, biometrics will gradually become a prime appurtenance in identification technology especially for the following reasons: repeatedly falling prices of biometric sensors, advancement in the underlying technology, increasing awareness among the public regarding the merits and demerits of the technology as such. But a strong voice had been rising against the implementation of biometrics...
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... BIOMETRICS Introduction Biometrics refers to the unique personal, physical and measurable characteristics that can be used to identify an individual. The process involves both identification and verification of these traits. The identification process is different from the verification process in that verification involves comparison of the facial feature of a subject with the features of one other face to ascertain whether they match while identification involves comparison with several other faces to determine which of them accurately matches with the subject. There are various kinds of biometrics one of the most common being facial recognition. In facial recognition, the spatial geometry of the facial biometrics is recorded...
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Future of Biometrics in Network Security

This technology is more effective in authorizing and verifying identity of individuals within an organization. Nevertheless, adoption of this technology has been slowed by lack of adequate handling skills and that it is an expensive technology for many organizations. The purpose of this research is to investigate the future of the biometric system within the network security technology. By drawing facts from a wide range of resources, it is possible to identify the future of this technology in the future of network security. The Future of Biometrics in Network Security Introduction With the advent of technology, network security has become a crucial topic for every nation. Network refers to the connectivity between organization,...
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... by the security breaches in different organizations around the world. In this regard, a number of studies are being carried out to ensure effective security, which is now one of the major concerns of the present technological globe. (Thieme, pp. 25-28) In the dominion of computer security, physiological and individual human characteristics are measured by the authentication techniques in the field of biometrics. In other words, distinctive identification purposes can be fulfilled by the utilization of unique personal attributes, which have been mentioned earlier in the paper, such as fingerprint, retina, iris patterns, voice recognition, etc. Although it is still the beginning of the field of biometrics, it is expected that a critical role...
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Biometric technology is an effort to diagnose the problems and fill some of the loopholes in the security setup. As of now it is being said that it’ll be almost impossible to change the biometric features of human body, which in turn will help the security people to prepare a reliable database and identify the people with criminal background.
Biometrics is one of the latest applications of IT and helps us in many different cumbersome tasks in an effective manner. The term biometrics has been used since the 20th century. Biometrics refers to the field of development of mathematical methods which are applied in data analysis of problems in biological sciences. The term biometrics has been widely used in two aspects, characterist...
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Biometrics: a tool for information security

Information security has been one of the main problems for people and organizations adopting the use of information technology. With the new advancements taking place in the field of computer sciences and information technology, ensuring information security is also becoming more and more difficult due to more organized intrusion and data retrieval attempts by hackers. Although many new measures have been introduced to make information security reliable, but none of them has been able to guarantee complete information protection. In such circumstances, it is necessary to design a reliable system that can minimize the chances of unauthorized use of information. In this paper, an informa...
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...Insert Biometrics Advancement in technology and especially electronic technology has brought about great demand for accurate, fast and reliable user authentication and identification systems. Systems require a personal recognition scheme that ensures that services are only accessed by legitimate users. Systems and applications that require such authentication include computer systems, gaining access to buildings, personal computers, laptops, cellular phones and ATMs. Need for reliability has led to heightened concerns about security increased advancements in communication, mobility, and networking. Biometrics recognition is, therefore, the automatic recognition of users based on behavioral and physiological characteristics. Biometrics...
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Shape Security Profile

...Running head: shape security profile 8th June Product As a technology enterprise that was launched in 2011, Shape Security aims at fighting bots and automated malware. The major product that is produced by the company is the ShapeShifter, an innovation that has the capability of disabling the attacks by botnets, malware and scripts. Business model As a technology company, Shape Security maintains the culture of innovation and product improvement in order to meet the need of its market. The company technology, which is based on polymorphism attempts to make other organizations be more proactive by blocking the threats in their websites. Business strategy Shape Security business strategies include diversification of product line through...
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